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Week 17
~ Oh, My Achin' Back!

The title of this entry says it all! My back was at its worst this week. It was so bad that I actually called in sick to work because I was in so much pain just getting Finley and myself into the car. On the way to dropping Finley off at daycare, I called Mike and cried and begged to get a massage. Of course he agreed! So, I headed to "Nana's" house to get some TLC and find a last minute massage appointment. Luckily, I found an appointment for an hour massage in the morning and although it felt great, it did not cure my pain. The next day I had a second massage appointment (I know, lucky me!) that had been scheduled a few weeks ago and she worked on my sciatic joint which seemed to help somewhat, but still not my cure. I also bought a maternity support belt (never thought I'd do this!). My midwife advised that I try not to wear it all the time, but only when my back felt at its worst. Apparently, wearing these actually weakens your muscles which can make back pain even worse. I'll try anything to help my pain though and this has helped!

The biggest help for my back has been my chiropractor, who is amazing! Not only is he a chiropractor, but he does physical therapy as well. He was kind enough to get me in right away, did my adjustments, helped me stretch, iced, massaged, and used the ultrasound electrical stimulation (I was a little worried about this being pregnant, but he and my midwife reassured me it was perfectly safe!). His treatment plan will have me seeing him twice a week and then more if I feel I need it. So far, my home plan is to ice and stretch like I've never stretched before! I swear, I'll do just about anything to feel better! Fingers crossed for something or a combination of everything to help!

Putting my back complaints aside, I had another appointment with my midwife. What I especially love about the midwife clinic I am using is that they seem to have all the time in the world to answer my questions and are never ever in a rush. I happened to have a midwife student for this appointment and she was just the same--patient and kind and easy to talk to. She was able to hear the baby's heart beat right away, at about 140 beats per minute.

So far this pregnancy, I've gained about 3 pounds, which is great! I've been a little worried about weight gain just because I gained so much with Finley (almost 60 lbs. total!). But I don't think I'll be even close to that this pregnancy. The other weird thing is that I keep getting a bruise on the same spot on my right hand! Pregnancy clumsiness? Not sure, but it is strange; however, my midwife was not concerned in the least and told me I just must be bumping it and not even realizing. Hmmm. I also scheduled my "half way there" ultrasound for next week! Can't wait to see my little muffin!

Have a great week!

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