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Week 18
~ It's a . . .

arms and hands ultrasoundHealthy baby! We had our anatomy ultrasound and saw our sweet baby! When it came to finding out the sex, we just closed our eyes when the tech got close to the legs and private parts. Everyone is a little shocked that we aren't finding out the sex, but at the same time we get a lot of props for keeping it a surprise until Baby G's birthday! With Finley getting so sick right after birth with sepsis and meningitis, all I honestly wish for is a healthy baby and healthy mama! I think many people say they don't care if it's a boy or girl, just healthy, but I really don't think people understand what an understatement this actually is until you've had a sick newborn. Thankfully our little one is looking good! Baby measured right on target at 18 weeks and 5 days, weighing about 10 ounces, and a good heart rate of 153. The ultrasound tech commented that our baby was very cooperative and she got measurements and pictures of everything she needed. She also stated that even if we had wanted to find out the sex, just how the baby was positioned she didn't know if she'd have been able to tell us. Mike said he peeked and he thought maybe it was a girl. Although, he thought Finley was a boy . . . so, I'm not trusting him on that! I think that Mike and I have also started a new routine--after every appointment that he is with me for, we stop at a nearby sushi restaurant for dinner. I've warned him that this is probably what I'm going to want right after I give birth, so here's my order come September!

face ultrasoundThis week I also told all of my "higher ups" and coworkers that I'm pregnant. It wasn't that I had wanted to wait this long, but I hardly ever see my supervisor and I finally just had to call her on the phone and tell her. Once she knew, I felt comfortable telling everyone else. The principal at my primary school offered me a nicer chair to sit in to help my back. I was very thankful for that! Speaking of my back, it is significantly better this week, but still painful to sit for long periods.

On a fun little note, my friend and doula when I was pregnant with Finley, Erin, sent me a special gift from Pensacola. We joked about how she had magic labor dust that helped me give birth so easily and I told her I was worried that since she is so far away, that I would have a harder labor without her. She sent us a little vial of "labor dust", aka Pensacola Beach sand! So sweet of her! And hopefully it works!

ultrasoundLastly, I ended the week with food poisoning! There's a cute little food cart not far from our house and I have always wanted to try it. We don't hardly ever eat hot dogs, but Mike and I decided to get smoked polish dogs and soon after, my stomach did not feel right. For about 24 hours, I puked and had diarrhea- so awful. Luckily Mike didn't get it and Finley didn't eat anything from the cart. I've learned my lesson and I'm certainly not eating another "hot dog" product for a very long time!


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