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Week 19
~ Consignment Queen

big girl bed!What a fabulous week! First off, my back is pretty much normal now and only slightly hurts if I sit for long periods. Needless to say, I'm thankful and happy to feel like my regular self again!

Besides being healed, the most exciting thing was the twice yearly huge kids' consignment sale in Portland. I've been consigning, volunteering, and shopping at these sales for years now and I absolutely love it! My mom and Nana instilled a sense of frugality in me and let me tell you, you really can get great deals on baby and toddler things at these sales! You can pretty much say I'm addicted to them! Anyhow, I had planned on consigning at this sale, but after being sick with food poisoning and my back being out of whack, I just didn't have time to get everything ready, so I didn't sell anything. However, I did volunteer for two 4-hour shifts so that I could shop early at the pre-sale.

On Thursday, I started out my day at work and then headed to the sale late in the morning. I shopped for 3 hours and then had one of my 4-hour volunteer shifts in which I cashiered. Great job to volunteer for because the hours fly by and it's fun to see all the great things people have found. It was a very long day for me, but well worth it! Since we don't know the sex of Baby G, I honestly didn't do too much "baby shopping". My target item was to get a nice toddler bed with a mattress for Finley. I really was hoping we could start to transition her from the crib (which we will use for Baby G) to a toddler bed soon, so I can start organizing the nursery. Well, I scored! I got a great bed and mattress for $65! Another target item was Aden and Anais swaddle blankets, which usually sell for $40 for a set of 3 brand new. Well, I got an unopened package of three for $17 and another 3 in great condition for $6 each. Such an awesome score! Overall, I spent just over $300 but I got the toddler bed, swaddle blankets, summer maternity clothes, 2T clothes for Finley, and some other odds and ends. Great fun, try it if you haven't, you won't be disappointed!

So, how did the toddler bed work out when we got home? Better than I could have imagined! When I got home, I first showed Finley a little plastic baby cradle I'd bought her for her babies. She was so excited about that and started playing with it right away. Then, I told her she got a new bed too and she squealed with excitement when she saw it. We couldn't get it up to her room fast enough before she was ready to go to bed and sleep in her "big girl bed"! We put on clean sheets and blankets and placed it right next to her crib (just in case she freaked out in the night). She took less than 5 seconds to lay down and tell us "night night"! It's been 5 nights now and she loves her new bed! We haven't had any problems with her waking up or getting out of bed or anything, so we totally lucked out on how easy the transition was! She even said that the crib was now for babies and she's a big girl in her big girl bed! Ah, such simple joys!

Have a great week!

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