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Brittney's Pregnancy Journal

Week 20
~ Growing Garden (and Baby)!

Raised BedsFirst off, I have to give all the credit of my excitement about this journal entry to my brother, Cole. He has been so busy leveling the ground and building our raised garden beds. I feel embarrassed to admit this, but Mike and I have had the wood for one our of beds since last Spring and just never got around to getting it built. Well, now that my brother is around, he took the initiative to get it done! And it looks so great! The bed is 5x10, so it's a nice size for everything we plan to grow. I ended up planting spinach, lettuce, zucchini, carrots, onions, and peas. Since I'm completely new to the gardening world, I'm hoping I left enough room between the rows and seeds, but I also know it's not rocket science. I can remember back to helping my dad in our garden when I was little and his vegetables also seemed to do just great! I just hope something grows in my garden! I am so excited to have fresh, organic veggies this summer!

After Cole finished the first bed, my dad found extra wood and Cole asked it we wanted a second bed. Heck yes, I can think of many more things to plant! This bed is a little bit smaller, but still pretty good sized. All we need is to fill it with dirt and then I can plant the rest of my veggies which will be green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, and jalapenos (Mike's request). I also potted cilantro, basil, and tomatoes on our deck. After the veggies start sprouting, I am planning on putting flowers near the beds to attract the good bugs to help everything grow. I'm sure there are certain kinds of flowers that are good for that, I just have to figure out what. Gardening really is fun, why hadn't I discovered this hobby sooner? I am starting to go a little over board though with my visions of an urban chicken coop and also leveling another part of our yard for a playset for Finley. Ah, dream on! Those are much bigger dreams than raised garden beds! Maybe I should have been a farmer!

Pregnancy wise I don't really have any news. My only real symptoms are waking up at least three times a night to go to the bathroom and that my belly is getting a little itchy. I haven't used any cocoa butter yet, so I guess it's time to start. My back is feeling pretty good these days and my chiropractor has said I can reduce to coming only once a week just for maintenance. I feel the baby kicking all the time now, which is so much funů BUT, these early kicks are so low and it's kind of a weird, "icky" feeling because it's close to my bladder. I am feeling some higher up though near my belly button.

Mike and I have really been trying to find baby names we like, but it's been really difficult. Nothing seems to really stick or we may like it for a few days and then one of us decides we don't like it anymore. It's a little bit frustrating, but I want a name that goes well with Finley and isn't too common but people have also heard of it before. The only thing we know for sure is that if the baby is a girl, her middle name will be "Ellen" after Mike's grandma, Ellen Marie and my grandma, Mary Ellen. If the baby is a boy, it's middle name will be "Michael" after Daddy. I know Mike is happy about that! However, we still need first names. I am open to any suggestions!

Have a great week!


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