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Week 21
~ Positive Thoughts and Prayers Please

finleyWhat a lot of news to share this week! First off, at the middle school that I work at, there's been two confirmed cases of Pertussis. In our county, we have a high incidence of Pertussis this year for some unknown reason so they've really been urging people in the area to get vaccinated if they aren't already. Most kids will have had this vaccine and be immune by the time they are two, but for adults, most of us aren't vaccinated and being pregnant, you're at more of a risk. So, I decided to wait until my midwife appointment a few days later to see what she recommend I do.

Fast forward to the midwife appointment and boy, was that exciting! First off, she recommended that I take a prophylactic approach to steering clear of Pertussis so she recommended an antibiotic (probiotics here we come!) and to get vaccinated as soon as possible. So, I went after I got off of work and got vaccinated and started my antibiotic. The first two days of the antibiotic, I had horrible upset stomach and diarrhea, but now everything is back to normal. I also have a big lump on my arm and it's sore where I got the vaccine. Hopefully that will go away soon!

Next big event at the midwife appointment was listening to the baby's heartbeat. The midwife was able to find it right away and it was very strong and right on track . . . Until it skipped a beat! The midwife wasn't sure if it was her Doppler, the baby moving, or an actual arrthymia. She tried listening for several minutes, but baby kept moving as soon as she expected the heart to skip a beat. So, being unsure, she decided to refer me to maternal fetal medicine for a more in-depth look into what is happening. She told me this is usually benign and common to see in the second trimester of pregnancy. Still, it made me stressed out. As soon as I got home, I looked up fetal arrythmias on the internet and of course, exactly what she had told me was what was written about by doctors, in forums, on baby sites, on basically everything I read. There wasn't a thing that said otherwise, so I'm hoping that is what's going on. I'm still a little worried, but in all honesty, I feel like everything is okay. Baby still is kicking me constantly and during our anatomy ultrasound, everything with baby's heart looked fine. However, we are still asking for positive thoughts and prayers! Stay posted next week after the appointment!

Last "exciting" news at my midwife appointment. Let me forewarn you, if you're queasy and don't like to hear about fluids and weird body things while pregnant, stop reading now. If not, just think of me as one of your best friends sharing what it's really like to be pregnant! Okay, so I honestly thought maybe I had a yeast infection from the last round of antibiotics for my sinus infection. The midwife did a vaginal exam but called the next day to say everything was normal and it's just leucorrhea. What's leucorrhea? Just something weird (and gross) that happens when you're pregnant I guess! Glad to know everything "down there" is fine though!

We celebrated Mother's Day with Mike's aunt, uncle, cousins, and their kids. We had a nice barbeque and just relaxed in the sun. It was a great day! Finley and Mike got me a beautiful necklace (I honestly love it!), a hanging flower basket, and gardening gloves. Speaking of gardening, my brother finished building the second raised bed. We planted the rest of our seeds and by the end of the week, we have sprouts for broccoli, lettuce, zucchini, cucumber, and peas! I'm so excited that something actually is growing after all that effort! Finley is a great help in the garden too- helping me water the plants and dirt all the time! Such a sweet lil' farmer and what a great hobby to have!

Have a great week!


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