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Week 22
~ If It's Not One Thing . . .

Ultrasound - eyesI had my maternal fetal medicine ultrasound appointment. I was a little nervous going in, thinking they may find something wrong, but the tech was so friendly and sweet that I instantly felt better about the appointment. I thought they were just going to check out the heart, but they ended up doing an entire anatomy scan again. Baby's heart looked absolutely beautiful and had a heart rate of 145 with no arrhythmia! Such great news! Again, our little babe was very cooperative for all ultrasound pictures. The tech estimated baby's weight to be about 1 lb., 6 oz. and she said she was pretty sure she could tell the sex, but I told her not to reveal and I didn't look!

Okay, so, here's the "if its not one thing . . ." part: the baby was measuring at 23 weeks, all except the stomach which was measuring at 25 weeks! The tech and the doctor both told me this could be a sign that I have gestational diabetes and that I should have my glucose test right away. So, I headed down the hallway to my midwife clinic and told them I had to do the test now instead of when they usually would give it around 26-28 weeks. They gave me a lemon-lime "glucola" drink and told me the instructions. The next morning I woke up at 5:45, had a high protein breakfast of eggs and cottage cheese, and an hour later drank the lovely sweet "glucola". It was pretty disgusting, I think I prefer the orange flavor (although both are not that great). Anyhow, then I drove to the lab to have my blood drawn (about an hour after I drank the drink). They got me right in and told me I'd probably know the results on Monday.

Ultrasound - profileSo, Monday comes along and no call from my midwife clinic. I guess I was just expecting to fail the glucose test. I remember failing the first one with Finley and then passing the more intense 3 hour test. I just had a feeling this would happen . . . BUT it didn't! I called my clinic just so I didn't have to wait any longer to know! They called me back about an hour later and casually told me I was good to go with a reading of 94! I don't remember what's normal, but apparently 94 is normal and good. Phew!

UltrasoundWith all that said, I don't know why the baby's belly is measuring big. Maybe baby just has a big belly? Maybe the ultrasound was off? I know ultrasounds aren't perfect. I looked it up online, like everything else I have questions about, and apparently baby's belly measuring big is pretty common. Also, if you happen to have a baby with a belly measuring big but you pass your gestational diabetes screening, there isn't really a concern. I may have a follow-up ultrasound later on in the pregnancy. When I asked the nurse where to go from here since my GD test was negative, she didn't seem too concerned and said just to come to my next midwife appointment and they'd let me know. Hmmm . . . well, okay then!

On a side note, I noticed my first stretch marks on my tummy. Just to the left of my belly button and still very small! Guess I really need to be diligent with my cocoa butter!

Have a great week!


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