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Week 23
~ Pregnancy Brain

Baby ShowerAnyone who knows me well, knows that I would not be able to function without my google calendar that's not only linked to my email but also to my phone. If it weren't for that calendar, I'd never remember any appointment or date! Well, I keep all my personal appointments on this calendar and then have a planner book type calendar for work to keep track of all my meetings. I haven't ever missed a meeting because I really do rely on it. Anyhow, my last monthly speech pathologist meeting was scheduled for this week and we planned on having a potluck at a woman's house that lives about an hour and fifteen minutes east of where I live, quite a drive! Usually we have our monthly meetings in a central location, but because it's the end of the school year and it's more relaxed, she decided to host if we would drive out to her house. "Originally" this was planned for Friday and then somewhere in my mind, I had received an email that said that it had to be changed to Thursday. So, I crossed off the original date in my calendar and wrote it in for Thursday. I canceled my kids for therapy, cleared being gone with my principals, and planned to carpool with my SLP friend in the morning. She and I met in the morning and headed out for the long, beautiful drive through the Gorge. To make a long story short, we showed up at the meeting site and no other cars were there! Low and behold, I had the wrong date and that meeting had never changed from Friday to Thursday, we were an entire day early! It was almost comical but I still swear there was an email I'd seen that had changed the date! My friend and I decided to have breakfast and then head back to work! Three hours total of driving time wasted, ugh! The only thing I can think of is pregnancy brain!

Baby ShowerNext day, we met up again and drove to the meeting and wah-lah! There were cars in the driveway and we had the right date! Thank goodness we weren't a day late because everyone had planned a baby shower for me! Since I've only been with my company a year, I don't know most of the other SLPs well, but it was very sweet of them to think of me! We had delicious lemon butter cream and mint chocolate chip cupcakes and I was given great baby gifts- diapers, gender neutral outfits, picture frames, and toys! So very kind!

Well, besides wasting a ton of gas during the week, my weekend was great! We went camping with my dad and a group of family friends at our long time camping spot in the Gorge, Beaver. Part of the trip was to spread the ashes of our long time friend and camping buddy, Bob, who passed away last November. He loved camping and fishing and it was nice to remember him with everyone that weekend.

Baby ShowerFinley is a great little camper and loved being outside all weekend. The weather wasn't great, but it didn't rain, so we all were happy! We were spoiled in that we stayed in my dad's trailer. However, because I have to sleep on my side now, I was not comfortable at all during the night and my hips ached all night long. Finley and I shared a bed, which was fun, but I probably kept her up more than she did me! Even thought I didn't get to catch up on any sleep, we still had a great weekend!

One last thing to mention this week is my insane tuna fish craving! I can't get enough and especially love a simple grilled tuna sandwich- (albacore canned tuna, mixed with mayo and pickles, on whole wheat bread with Vermont white cheddar). I honestly could eat that for lunch and dinner, every day! I feel like craving tuna is just as bad as craving candy or something unhealthy since I can't eat it more than a couple of times a week due to the mercury in it! I know it's great for me and baby (in moderation), but not a great craving to have since I can't satisfy it all the time! My friend gave me a tip to try canned chicken and that prepared the same way, it's pretty similar. Can't wait to give this a try!

Have a great week!

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