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Week 24
~ Feelin' Girly

baby gifts

This week I've had this overwhelming feeling that Baby G is a baby girl! I don't really know why I feel that way, but something makes me feel "girly". I keep thinking that it's just because that's all I know and at this point in my pregnancy with Finley, I was starting to get a lot of girly gifts. Also, I think we've definitely decided on a girl name - Harper Ellen. I love thinking that I might have two little girls, Finley and Harper. Just fits together so well! Boy names have proven to be harder to choose and maybe that's why I am not feeling "boy" right now. As of now we are liking Hayes Michael for a boy, but who knows if that will stick!

I was given a few more baby gifts this week. One being an adorable onesie that actually buttons on the side so you don't have to pull it over the baby's head, very cool! Also, my new diaper bag, whoohoo! There's a long story behind the diaper bag I had for Finley, but in short, I loved it, saved for it, and Mike left it at the park one day and went back hours later to find it had been taken! I was seriously depressed about I; I loved that bag! Well, I have a speech therapy assistant student working with me until the end of the year and I'd told her all about my diaper bag woes. She knew "Vera Bradley" too and loved her designs, so she could understand my diaper bag pain (stupid sounding, I know!). Anyhow, she surprised me with a new Vera diaper bag and a separate tote (for Finley). I was so excited I almost cried!

Little side notes for the week:

  1. My heartburn is full fledged now and I'm back to taking daily Zantac!
  2. Canned chicken is an awesome substitute for tuna!
  3. I've started to get swelling in my ankles that I notice at the end of the day.
  4. I've been doing "kick counts" and baby is quite the mover, hitting ten easily within five minutes!
  5. All of my vegetables have sprouted and Finley and I shared our first ripe strawberry!
  6. I can't believe it's already June!

Have a great week!

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