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Week 25
~ Worry Wart

Lately I've been feeling a lot of stress and worry about when the baby is born. I woke up the other night and instantly started to panic thinking that this baby has the potential of contracting meningitis or getting sick like Finley did when she was born. I couldn't get it out of my head and was up for a few hours before I fell asleep again. I also started to worry about the baby having reflux, also like Finley did, and me having to keep a constant, helicopter watch. I know this is probably just reality of being so far in my pregnancy and being nervous, but I also have to remember that this pregnancy is its own unique experience and just because we had a rough start with Finley, it doesn't mean we have any more of a chance than any other person of it happening again with this baby. I still pray and hope for a happy, healthy labor and birth and I certainly know it's no use to worry about any "what ifs".

On a more fun note, Mike finally felt the baby move! We were sitting on the couch, baby was kicking around as usual, and I put Mike's hand on my belly. Sure enough, a big kick right where his hand was! Later on that night while I was asleep, Mike came in and put his hand on my belly again and he got to feel three kicks! He started laughing and I woke up and he told me that baby was responding to his touch. So fun!

I was very productive this week too. I finished all of my "thank you" cards from my work baby shower and I put in my maternity leave request for next school year. I plan on coming back to work for the three weeks until the baby is due. Then I'll take 12 weeks of maternity leave which would put me coming back to work after Christmas break. I'm excited to be able to have that much time at home with my baby. I've been paying for short term disability which covers pregnancy and birth, up to 12 weeks, so I'll still receive about 75% of my regular paycheck while I'm out. Nice bonus and well worth the little money I've been paying for it the past year!

Hope you all have a great week!

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