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Week 26
~ Summer Time

FinleySchool's out for summer! Whew, what a busy week it was but I am so thankful to be on break until the end of August! I am still going to work one day a week at a private therapy clinic and then two days a week for the birth to three program through the company I work for now. Should be a nice change of my school routine and a pretty low key summer as far as work goes.

I had another appointment with my midwife this week. She wasn't at all worried about the baby's stomach measuring big and reassured me that nothing is wrong. Since I ended up doing the glucose test so early on in my pregnancy, she wants me to repeat it one more time in about 3 weeks - oh goody! She made a guess, based on the baby's heart rate, that there's a little girl in there! Also, baby's head was down on the right side of my pelvis and supposedly that's a good sign of the baby practicing getting in the "right" direction for birth.

On some technical notes, I've now gained about 13 pounds so far and have heartburn like I'm already in my third trimester. I was okay'd to take two Zantac a day and even three if needed. So thankful for that relief! I'm also starting to have to go to the bathroom like every 15 minutes if I let myself! I know that sounds crazy, but with baby staying down low, I guess that's what happens!

Last of my "medical" update stuff, I had a dentist appointment and everything looked good except my gums bleeding a little more than usual during the cleaning. The hygienist said this is very normal in pregnancy and nothing to worry about. Also, my dentist said that to help stop my gagging and throwing up while brushing my teeth (yes, this is still happening!), I could just brush with no toothpaste. He said it was just as effective as using toothpaste and better on the enamel of my teeth. Who would have thought? Can't wait to see if this helps!

jam!Father's Day was quite fun and busy for us. In the morning, Finley, Cole, and I went to pick strawberries. We ended up with 5 3/4 pounds and it only cost $8.00, such a great deal! Finley ate everything she picked and had a great time! We then came home and I made strawberry chia seed spread. It was so easy and so delicious! Basically you boil down strawberries, honey, water, and chia seeds and then pour into jars - yum, yum, and yum!

Later that night, my dad came over and I made Mike's favorite dinner, Korean beef and cabbage salad. It was a hit and of course, for dessert we had strawberry shortcake. Before I know it, we'll be turning red from all those strawberries we've been eating! Mike loved the remote control helicopter we got him (he's wanted it ever since he saw the one his dad has) and he spent the entire night playing with it! I love it when everything turns out perfectly!

Happy Father's Day to all!

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