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Week 27
~ Ho-Hum

As you can tell by the title of the entry, this week was not exciting at all. Honestly there was absolutely nothing exciting that happened. I had most of the week off so Finley and I hung around at home and basically just relaxed. I took naps when she napped, so I feel a little more energized than usual.

One sort of strange thing is that I have the "let down" of milk feeling in my breasts. It's strange because nothing is leaking (or noticeably building up), but I definitely have the feeling like I could nurse right now. There's also a tiny bit of what looks like dried colostrum that I noticed the other day. With Finley, I think it took about five days for my milk to come in and I'm hoping it comes a little sooner with this baby. Maybe this is a sign it will?

The only other pregnancy related thing that happened this week was I've been noticing that when I blow my nose, sometimes there's a little bit of blood. I'm guessing it's just from all of the extra blood circulating through my body because I know pregnant women are more prone to bleeding and bruising. Not so exciting, I know, but kind of interesting.

I'm so excited to meet this little munchkin! I recommend that everyone make the sex of the baby a surprise at baby's birthday. Both Mike and I are really glad we made the decision to not find out and it's made this pregnancy really fun! If I went on old wives tales (which I do not believe in), this one would definitely be a boy because I feel like I'm carry so low. Or at least the baby likes to hang out low and all of the kicks are definitely below my belly button most of the time. Who knows, but let me tell you, not finding out is definitely a great decision!


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