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Week 29
~ Happy 4th of July!

beach houseWhat a fun week! We took a family vacation to Neskowin Beach on the Oregon Coast for the 4th of July. Mike's mom's family has been doing this 4th of July family trip for over 20 years and we have shared in the fun ever since we moved back to Washington from Florida a few years ago. There were about 60 family members that came for the weekend and each of us rented a beach house to stay at. We stayed with Mike's great Aunt Susie and her husband Jim, along with their two dogs and our dog Nola. Our beach house was great, literally right on the beach with a beautiful view of Haystack Rock. We slept on bunk beds - Mike on the top and Finley and I on the bottom. It wasn't the most comfortable but we weren't there to sleep either! We spent lots of time with Mike's cousins, Amy and Beth, and their kids and each night, all 60 people got together for a family dinner! Thank goodness I don't have to organize any of that, Mike's cousin, Mary Ellen, has it down to a science and I'm so glad she's such a great planner! Everything turned out perfectly!

FinleyOn the 4th of July, we met at the family beach house in Neskowin and all had breakfast together. Then all of the little kids put on fire cracker costumes (except Finley, she refused!) and we marched in the Neskowin 4th of July parade! Finley and one of her second cousins, William (who is just over one year old), sat in the wagon and waved and clapped to people watching the parade. We got lots of "oohs" and "aahs", very cute! It was a great mini-vacation and I'm already looking forward to going next year when new baby will be about 9 months old!

Brittney and FinleyMore exciting news is that the co-worker of mine, Cara, who was due with her baby first (out of the five of us that are pregnant right now), had her little girl four weeks early! The baby weighed the same as Finley and was the same length - fun little fact! Now that Cara has had her baby, it means that I'm next in line of all of us that are pregnant at work! That's a little crazy to think - only 11 weeks!!

Hope you all are enjoying the summer! We have been enjoying great weather and sun in Washington state! Who knows how long it will last, but for now, we are soaking it up!

Have a great week!

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