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Week 30
~ Only 10 Weeks!

I must have a little nesting going on now that I'm getting so close to baby being here. I was productive this week by getting my registry done at Babies R Us and Target. I remember registering when I was pregnant with Finley and it was so overwhelming trying to figure out what brand was best and/or which we liked best and having to guess at what baby would like best. This time was much easier as I have a lot of the basics already and definitely know what I want and need! One thing I learned from having Finley was that we only used the Medela bottles since Finley was breastfed and I pumped when she needed a bottle. Before I knew better, I had registered for several types of bottles, only to discover the convenience and simplicity of using a Medela bottle that I could attach right to my pump--lesson learned!

I was also productive by organizing some of the baby's room. We have a lot of Finley's baby clothes, so I went through and organized them by size and then separated all of the gender neutral stuff (which we don't have a lot of). If this baby is a girl, we are well prepared! However, if it's a boy, we have a few things to get us by for a bit, but then we'll have to do some shopping! We have friends that have graciously offered to give us all of their son's baby clothes if we have a boy, so we aren't really unprepared! I guess that's one downside to not knowing the sex of this baby, but I'm not worried about it at all!

I had a midwife appointment this week and all looked great! My belly was measuring at 31 weeks, so we are still right on track. Now that I am well into my third trimester, I'm officially scheduled to see my midwife every two weeks. It's wild how close I am to giving birth, it will be here before we even know it!

We've had great weather here lately and I've been noticing that I get hot really easily. Everyone that comes into our house comments on how chilly it is because I have to have the air conditioning set to 67, which doesn't sound too cold, but I guess it is when you're wearing shorts and tank tops. I also always have a fan on at night and would rather sleep with no covers at all. My little baby is keeping me plenty warm!

Have a great week!

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