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Week 31
~ 31 weeks, 31 months, 31 years

This week was a great "marker" for us! The baby is now 31 weeks along, Finley turned 31 months old, and I'm 31 years old (plus a few months!). How fun! I'd found an idea on Pinterest that had a picture of a pregnant mom with her toddler and they had written in chalk "22 months and 22 weeks." Since we hadn't done maternity pictures yet, I figured out when Finley and baby's numbers matched and then also realized we could do this with me being 31 years too! I bought three 8x10 black artist canvases and painted one for each of us to signify our "ages". My friend, Danae, agreed to do our maternity photos. We met at the Washington State University campus and took pictures in a field. Finley was so excited to smile and hold her sign. She definitely has gotten over her shyness! I'm anxious to see how the pictures turned out, but it will be a while until Danae gets them edited.

The day after we did our pictures, we headed out on a long weekend road trip to Sonoma, California, to celebrate a surprise 71st birthday party for my Aunt MaryAnn. Our car was packed with Mike and Cole up front, Finley and I in the back, and Nola plus our luggage in the very back! It took us 11 hours to drive down to Sonoma and we arrived at my Aunt Susie and Uncle Ed's around 4:30 in the afternoon. We made bathroom and food stops about every 2-3 hours, but you should have seen how swollen and huge my feet and ankles were! I was a little worried, honestly, but after a swim in the pool and a good night's sleep, they looked better the next day. We then drove to Redwood City to help get ready for the party. It was hosted by my cousins, Jenny and Sheri, and there were about 30 people (including lots of our family we hadn't seen in a while). We all waited in the living room and when my Aunt MaryAnn walked in, we yelled surprise. She was so excited! We spent most of the day there and then drove back to Sonoma in the early evening. It had been so hot that day (high 90s), that the minute we got back, we all jumped in the pool! Finally, we spent our last day in Sonoma, celebrating the actual birth DAYS of my Aunt MaryAnn and Aunt Barby (yes, they share the same birthday, 2 years apart) by having a barbeque and swimming in Susie and Ed's pool. It was a great vacation and I'm really glad we were able to make it down to see everyone!

Lastly, I took my second glucose test the day before we left for California and I got a call while we were down there, that my levels came back normal! Yay! So glad this pregnancy has been without complication so far! Baby is doing well and continues to stay active by kicking my bladder as low as possible! I wonder if I'll go full term or not this time (Finley was 3 weeks early), but with this baby being so low, it makes me think it will come early. Who knows? I guess we'll see in less than 9 weeks!

Have a great week!

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