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Week 32
~ Keep On Keeping On

Another midwife appointment already? Yep, it's already been two weeks since my last one! To date, I have gained 17 lbs, not too bad! Baby was sounding and feeling good and my midwife said I didn't have to come back for three weeks, when they'd do my GBS testing and possibly start checking my cervix. Because I had such a quick, easy labor with Finley and we live about 30 minutes (with little traffic) from the hospital, my midwife suggested I start being checked at my future appointments. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but she also suggested that they could break my water (if my cervix has started to dilate) at 39 weeks. That makes me nervous though, because I am scared of c-sections so I don't want to do anything that puts me up against a clock for potentially having to have one. I have a feeling though, that this baby will come early like Finley did. Maybe not three weeks early, but before my due date. Baby just loves it down low so much, I can't imagine going another eight weeks with all this pressure and kicking on my bladder!

Speaking of my active, bladder-bouncing bundle of joy - Finley has now started saying it's a "brother" in there! Hmmm . . . She's also very excited because we actually got the nursery organized and set-up and if baby were to come any day soon, we'd have the essentials ready! I still have to do the décor and get a bunch of things washed that have been in the garage/attic though. I ordered an awesome tree decal for the wall, my special Wonder Bumper bumper for baby's crib (this is not your traditional bumper but instead covers each slate of the crib with space in between and there was great sale going on this week!), and an arch window shade (who would have thought arch windows were such a pain?!). I also scheduled our hospital birthing center tour, which will be in a few weeks, and we'll also fill out pre-registration paperwork then. I'm feeling much better about being ready!

On my "to do" list for next week is to pack things for Finley when I go into labor. We plan on having Nana watch her at her house, but have two of my girlfriends, Jenn and Christine, that live near by, on stand-by. I also need to get a check-list or at least part of my labor bag packed and ready. With Finley, nothing was packed and I certainly don't want that stress while I'm having contractions this time around!

Have a great week!

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