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Week 34
~ Fun!

Another fun and productive week! Let's start with the fun! The place that I work per diem (one day a week) at, Innovative Services Northwest, had a dual baby shower for me and my co-worker, Matt, who is due 4 days after us. I took Finley and she was so excited for the "baby party" and helped in opening gifts. I got a bunch of stuff off of my registry--some things for the nursery (dust ruffle, blanket, changing pad cover) and some functional things like burp cloths and pacifiers.

The other fun thing we did was go to Mike's work summer picnic at Mt. Hood Skibowl. I couldn't do many of the activities, but I did go down the Alpine Slides once. I went really slow because I was scared of crashing! Finley and I watched Mike bungee jump which was really exciting! If I weren't pregnant, I would have totally jumped too!

So for the productive things I did this week. Mike and I took a tour of the birthing center and completed our pre-registration paperwork. It feels good to have that out of the way and ready. I also put in my maternity leave request from Innovative. I plan on returning in January after all of the holidays, but I'll only work one afternoon a week. Lastly, I went through a bunch of my maternity clothes that are too small now or that I don't wear and took them to a consignment shop. I earned $42 in store credit for everything I brought in! What the shop didn't take, I donated.

Ah, fun and productive, what better of a week could it have been? The heat really has been bad the last few days and I'm hoping I can stay cool in the days to come when the forecast is saying temps in the low 100s! Finley has been spending a lot of time in her kiddy pool and me with my feet in the water! Pregnancy wise, I'm doing fine but I definitely have some swelling going on in my feet and ankles! So much so that it's actually kind of painful. I've also noticed that my belly button has pretty much become flat--my belly is growing! A few people have commented that I now look "really pregnant" or that the baby has dropped a bit. I'll take both as a compliment!

Have a great week!

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