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Week 9
~ A Valentine's Day To Remember

ultrasoundMike and I aren't huge Valentine's Day celebrators, but this year was definitely more special than any other. On Valentine's Day this year, we celebrated by having our first official prenatal appointment with our midwife! The midwife was able to hear the baby's heart beat (around 150 bpm), although it was hard to detect, and said I was measuring at about 12 weeks. According to my last menstrual cycle, I would have been 11 weeks and due September 4, 2012. However, I had been using fertility awareness and according to that, I was thinking I was only about 9 and a half weeks pregnant. I told our midwife this and she said we could do a "dating" ultrasound to know for sure exactly how far along I was. So after our appointment, we headed to the ultrasound clinic. We got our first peek at our baby, the greatest Valentine's present ever! Even though the baby only has little arm and leg buds, boy, was the baby moving and grooving on the ultrasound! I remember having an ultrasound with Finley at 9 and a half weeks but I don't remember seeing her move very much at all! Guess it really is true that each child is unique! Also, as it so turns out, the ultrasound said the baby was at 8 weeks, 6 days and my due date was actually September 19, 2012 (mine and Mike's wedding reception anniversary and the day Mike proposed to me two years before that!). I never knew that date would be such an exciting and meaningful day for us!

Finley's a big sisterOne thing that the tech noticed on the ultrasound were two little pockets of fluid under the placenta, called something like subchorionic fluid (I probably just mangled the spelling on that). Apparently this fluid, also referred to as "little lakes", is common and usually just goes away. Sometimes it can cause you to spot or if there is a lot of fluid, it can actually cause a miscarriage. I tried not to freak out and called my midwife the next day. I didn't actually talk to her, but was able to talk to the nurse and she calmed my fears telling me that they see it often and if I do spot, to call the midwife and I may have a recheck ultrasound at my next appointment. However, if I don't have any spotting, they won't worry about it and I won't need another ultrasound until my 20 week appointment. After talking to her, it really didn't seem like it was that big of a deal and hopefully it isn't. So, although that's somewhat stressful, I'm trying not to invest too much time worrying about it and staying positive.

Mike and I had already told our family and close friends that we were pregnant, but we had decided to tell everyone else (aka "the Facebook announcement") on Valentine's Day. So, even though it was pretty early to announce since I was now only 9 weeks pregnant, we still told everyone! Finley is very excited too! She points to my tummy and says "Mommy have baby in tummy and Finney have baby in tummy!" Also, when we showed her the ultrasound picture, she said "that Baby Finney." So, yes she is excited but a little confused too!

Wishing you all love on this Valentine's Day! Xoxo

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