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Bridget's Pregnancy Journal
Bridget and Tom
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Bridget's pregnancy journal.

Bridget (39) and Tom (42) are the proud parents of Madeleine Isabella, born February 1, 2001 and Alexandra Lois, born March 6, 2003.

Enjoy Bridget's journal as she takes us week by week through her third pregnancy to the birth of Jack William on November 23, 2005.

Bridget's Journal Entries

Meet Bridget

Week 11
11 Weeks & 11 Pounds!

Week 12
Big Week - CVS Test

Week 13
Gone Fishing! (Vacation!)

Week 14
CVS Test results are in!

Week 15
Shouldn't this morning sickness be gone by now?

Week 16
Public Property

Week 17
Exhausted - Still

Week 18

Weeks 19 & 20
Ugh. Preggo Brain

Week 21
The Badges of Honor

Weeks 22 & 23
Cranky & Irrational

Week 24
Follow Up Ultrasound and Rethinking His Name!

Week 25
Still suffering from morning sickness

Week 26
Overwhelming sadness for the victims of Hurricane Katrina

Week 27
I Think I'm Going to Fire My OB

Week 28
I Fired My OB and Failed My 1 Hour Glucose Test!

Week 29
I'm So Grouchy!!

Week 30
Oh, boy that 3 hour glucose test was fun! Not!!

Week 31
Argh - I flunked my 3 hour glucose test!

Week 32
This is so embarrassing, I can't believe I'm about to broadcast this all over the internet...

Week 33
Waiting and a little nesting

Week 34
There's a big baby in there!

Week 35
Oh, great, as if I didn't have enough problems down there already!

Week 36
What an awful week!

Weeks 37 & 38
Sickie Central - Still

Week 39
Wow, I wasn't expecting this!

Birth Story
Jack William is here

Bridget's Pregnancy Journal with Ally

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