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Bridget's Pregnancy Journal

Week 12
~ Big Week - CVS Test

Well, I haven't puked allover myself since last week. I guess that's an improvement. I've thrown up plenty of times but fortunately not in the car. Mornings, oddly enough start out relatively ok. I think the phenegran is still in my system and I'm able to drink and eat without too much nausea. By afternoon though, that icky feeling is back. Do I eat or throw up? Let's try and eat something. I feel comforted while I'm eating, it's just after that I feel gross. The first trimester is just like a bad hangover that lasts weeks and weeks. I think that when I was pregnant with Ally I was already feeling better by now. I'm getting past the exhaustion stage, but the morning sickness is still hanging around. It's time to go!

With my new 11 pound pudge (or maybe 12 at this point) not many of my tops fit. In fact, I think I have two. You'd think since I've been through this before that I would have plenty of options. Not the case. I did remember that I had a cute pair of bootleg Capri pants that I wore post partum with Ally. They're low rise and they fit! Yay! It's not really pants that are the problem, it's the tops. Everything is bigger. The boobs, the belly. So, I went shopping!! I don't know exactly what these maternity clothes companies are thinking when they make these clothes. I swear, there is a huge, huge, huge opportunity out there for someone willing to make cute, affordable maternity clothes in nice natural fabrics.

On Thursday, we have the CVS test scheduled. I'm not nervous, I just want it behind me. Tom is taking the rest of the day off to take care of the girls since I'm supposed to take it easy. It's going to be hard, because I need to start packing.

We didn't time this very well, but we're leaving for vacation the Sunday after we have the CVS test. We put a deposit down before we found out we were pregnant. The good thing is that hopefully I'll be feeling better and not spend the entire week sleeping or puking. In December, Tom and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. We had been dreaming about a trip to Hawaii but that just isn't practical with two little ones - and one on the way! We don't really have anyone we're comfortable leaving them with and to take them, well, they'd be just as happy in the sandbox in the back yard. Just the thought of the flight makes me exhausted. We scratched that. Hawaii can wait. We very seriously thought about Bermuda. We've been before and it's just beautiful. And it's a short 2-hour flight. The problem is the accommodations. Regular hotels just don't work. We need a kitchen and both the girls nap, so we really need a suite or a 3 bedroom home. We wanted it to be on the water since we spend so much time there and that was so ridiculously expensive it's not even funny. So we thought, where could we go that we haven't been before and a good friend suggested we look into the Outer Banks, North Carolina? We were able to snag a beautiful seven-bedroom beachfront home for less than half of what we would have spent if we went to Bermuda. A beachfront beautiful home is a beachfront beautiful home. We'll have plenty of room to stretch out and relax.

So, wish me luck!

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