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Bridget's Pregnancy Journal

Week 14
~ CVS Test results are in!

And I can hardly contain myself!!

We found out while we were on vacation. It was Friday afternoon and I had just put Ally down for a nap. Tom was down at the beach with Maddie and I just had to call to see if they had the results back.

The receptionist had me on hold for what seemed like an hour only to come back on the phone to tell me that she was having a hard time finding my file, so she put me on hold again. I'm pacing the floor, hoping we have good news. All I really care about is that the baby is healthy. No preference at all about having a boy or a girl.

When she finally got back on the phone, she said she was transferring me and I assumed to a doctor. One of the perinatologists that I haven't met yet picked up and said he had my file and the CVS results came in yesterday. He had a very comforting, calm voice. He said the baby looks perfect. Genetically, everything looks exactly the way it should.


Now I know there are no guarantees, and there can still be life threatening problems that we don't know about yet, but this is one hurdle I'm so glad to have behind us.

The doctor asked me if we wanted to know the baby's sex. An enthusiastic "Yes!" came out of my mouth without hesitating. He asked me what I had already and I said two little girls. Then he said, "Well, your daughters are going to have a little brother!" Whoa! I was giddy and unable to speak and don't really remember what I said after that.

I walked out onto the balcony to see if I could see Tom coming back from the beach. No dice, so I sat there, looking out at the ocean digesting this news.

A boy. It's a boy. Wow. I can do girls. I'm prepared for girls. Little boys seem so foreign to me. I felt nervous and unsure, but excited too.

I don't remember how long it was before Tom and Maddie came back from the beach but he only had to look at my face once to know that I had called and I had news. He put Maddie down for a nap and joined me on the deck.

Everyone asks me if he was jumping up and down after he heard the news. And the answer is no. He adores his girls and I think in his mind he had prepared himself for another girl so when I told him it was a boy, he was stunned. His response was similar to mine. Happy, so happy that the baby is healthy and then it just took awhile for it to sink in. .But it didn't take long. Lol! I think the next day he said he had an urge to go buy a leather football.

So, up to this point, we hadn't told the girls we were having a baby. We wanted to make sure everything was ok first. The girls know I've been feeling really horrid but that's about all, although Maddie's pretty observant and not much gets past her. I had some swimsuit "issues" while we were there. I wasn't big enough to fill out a maternity swimsuit and the tops are too long, making it look like a dress. So attractive! Not! And an older, but stretched out tankini just looked wrong, so I just said what the heck and wore a bikini top with a pair of board shorts. My tummy was definitely poking out, but not so much that people would know instantly that it was a pregnant tummy and not just big, beer belly. So, the day before Maddie and I were walking on the beach and she looked over at me and said, "Mommy! You're tummy is getting kinda big!" ROFL! Yeah, no kidding!! So, I say to her, "Well, why do you think that is?" And she says, "I don't know, maybe you just ate too much!" She's just too funny.

Well, that would have been the perfect opportunity to tell her but I knew Tom wanted to be there too, so I just smiled and bit my tongue. But since we just found out that the baby was healthy, we were ready to tell them too.

Maddie almost never reacts like I think she might. I should have prepared myself, but I was so hoping that this would be one of those wonderful family moments that I would remember for the rest of my life. She cried when we told her. I cried because she was crying. She was so upset. "I don't want another baby, mommy! I like it just me and Ally." It was so sad. I had Tom take Ally for a walk and I sat and snuggled with Maddie and calmed her down and tried to get her to talk to me about why she didn't want another baby. It turns out that at the ripe old age of four, she was feeling like it was just going to be too much. Too much responsibility for her. She couldn't possibly take care of Ally and a new baby. When I explained how things were going to work, she had almost instant relief on her little face. By the time we found Tom and Ally, she was as if nothing had ever happened. Tom wondered what magic words I used. None really. I think she just needed to sort things out for herself.

By the next morning, she was excited and asking lots and lots of questions. Oh my, the questions this girl has asked! And she thinks hard about the answers I give her and if something doesn't make sense, she asks more questions or comes up with her own theories. It's been really, really funny.

Ally was completely oblivious to it all. It will impact her more than her big sister, but she's still got time to soak up the attention being 'the baby' still, for at least a few more months.

So, it's a boy. What an interesting dynamic this will be! I can't wait to see!

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