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Week 16
~ Public Property

Well, I’m still feeling pretty lousy. I cannot believe how tired I feel. I can hardly make it to the girls’ bedtime. Ally goes to bed between 8 and 8:30 and by the time she is in bed, I am not far behind her. This pregnancy is totally kicking my butt.

I’ve been having some trouble with my sciatic nerve. I think it’s really pretty early to be having back pain, but there’s not much I can do about it. I don’t know what I did but I do remember it hurting when I was pregnant with Ally, too, just not this early. *sigh* I’m really glad that we know for sure that this is our last baby because I cannot do this again. Although, I have to tell you that the other day, Tom found himself thinking about girl’s names! Huh? Uh, honey, we’re having a boy. I told him to just stop right there. We have two lovely little girls already. Good grief! Four children? I think the third we’re about to have just might push me over the edge! Lol!

I did a little retail therapy over the weekend. When I’m pregnant, I tend to splurge on things like makeup and skincare. Oh, and shoes! I totally ignore the rest of my body since it’s hard to feel good about looking like a beached whale. I’m pretty set on maternity clothes having gone through this twice already. I am a little off season though, so I needed some shorts and t-shirts. I remember when I was pregnant with Maddie, my first, I barely needed maternity clothes at this point. My pants were getting snug, but I definitely could pull off not looking pregnant. Oh, there’s no hiding this bump! People are asking me when I’m due, then when I say I’ve got awhile to go and I’m not due until Thanksgiving their eyes get really big. Like, how much bigger are you going to get? Ugh. There’s something about a pregnant tummy that makes it public property. They want to touch it, to comment on my size.

I’ve got a babysitter starting next week. I cannot wait. The girls just adore her, too, so it makes it really nice break for me. She is Maddie’s preschool director’s daughter. She’s babysat for us before and she is wonderful. She’ll babysit one day a week during the summer to give me a chance to run errands and things. Now that Maddie’s off from school, taking them both to the grocery store and running other errands is a total nightmare. Ally has to do whatever Maddie is doing and since Maddie walks when we‘re at the grocery store, Ally wants to walk too. Well, Ally’s two. Impulse control isn’t one of her strong suits right now. Keeping her from pulling things off from the shelves takes way more energy than I have. She’s going through this ’me do meself’ phase and if I try and put her in the cart against her will, she will fling herself onto the floor, face first and lay there. Niiiicce!! She’s really a pretty easy kid all things considered, but if Maddie’s in the mix, she has to be doing what big sister is doing. If I just have Ally, she’s more apt to just go with the flow. She’ll happily sit in the cart, as long as I have some snacks. Anyway, it will be lovely to be able to grocery shop a-l-o-n-e.

I’ve looked at baby boy clothes but haven’t bought anything yet. I should; there’s some great sales out there. The problem is guessing what size he’ll be by next summer. I have theory on breast milk with subsequent children. Maddie gained a lot early on. She was in the 90th percentile for weight when she was 2 months old, then started falling. By the time she was a year old, she was only 18 lbs and I nursed her until she was 13 months. At four, she’s still under 30 lbs. She’s just little -- and a very picky eater. I was small when I was her age too. Ally, on the other hand gained a lot in the beginning, and kept going. She eventually tapered off and now she’s just average in weight and height, but just two pounds off from Maddie. So, anyway, back to my unscientific theory. I think your body just gets more efficient at producing breast milk. Instead of getting milk, I think Ally got heavy cream. I predict this baby will be a little Buddha too, but how much of a Buddha, is a big guess. I’d be interested in looking at families with multiple children and seeing how many of the younger children ended up being bigger babies as a result of breast milk. My niece has a little guy who just turned one and he’s almost 30 lbs. He’s just as wide as he is tall. Lol! She has an older daughter as well and although she was big as a newborn, she really tapered off too. I just love all the chub on babies. They are so yummy to chew on. Especially a big chunky thigh! Chub on me is another story and I won’t get into it this week. I said I was over it and I kinda meant it.

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