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Bridget's Pregnancy Journal

Week 17
~ Exhausted - Still

Oh, will this nauseous feeling please go away? I am so done with morning sickness. Iím happy to report that I havenít thrown up for awhile, but I feel like I could. Iíve realized that the ravenous appetite I get in the first trimester has subsided quite a bit so Iím back to eating three meals a day, however Iíve noticed that I need a snack mid-morning and late afternoon to keep the nausea away, and even then it doesnít always work. I am loving watermelon right now. I think weíve eaten four entire watermelons in the last two weeks. Now, I should say that Maddie is a huge watermelon fan, so sheís helpingÖ. a little bit. But, the big problem with fruit is it doesnít stay with me. Iím hungry again in hour.

Iím still exhausted. Iíve just resolved that this is the way this pregnancy is going to be, unfortunately. I havenít had too many bouts of that lovely pregnancy insomnia. Ick - I got that all the time when I was pregnant with Maddie. Itís miserable. Iím not even waking up in the middle of the night to pee. Just around 4 or 5 am and thatís the trouble. I canít or have a really hard time falling back to sleep after that. Ally started climbing out of her crib a few weeks ago so weíre having her sleep on a mattress on the floor while she gets used to it. She was getting out of bed many, many times at night so we put a doorknob cover on the inside of her door. She really hasnít protested and sheís stopped waking up in the middle of the night. The trade off is sheís up with the chickens. She walks over to her door and starts knocking on her door. Loudly! Then she yells, ďMom! How me get outta here?ď This morning she was up at 6:20 am and she woke up Maddie with her pounding on the door. I was up tinkling around 5 and never got back to sleep. And I wonder why I am tired! A friend was just telling me that the second trimester can bring on more fatigue than the first. She didnít say why, but now I believe it. I feel like I could sleep for days.

There was an old member on StorkNetís message boards that said after she had her second child that one her biggest fantasies was to escape to a beautiful hotel, draw the curtains, order a fabulous meal (room service) then go to bed --- alone!! Ya know, I can relate!

The itchies have begun. Itís hard not to scratch myself, especially my boobs in public. They are sooo itchy! My belly is really itchy too. Nothing is really helping. I guess itís just my skin stretching. I remember being really itchy with Maddie and Ally too. I put lotion on all the time; itís just not enough! Oh, itching my belly reminds me of a funny Ally story. When we were on vacation and Tom saw me with my bikini top and board shorts, he giggled and then said, ďWell, as long as you donít scratch your belly and yell, gimme a beer, Iím ok with what youíre wearing.Ē I guess he was inferring that my poochy belly looked somewhat like a big beer belly. So, after we got home, a couple of times, Iíd lift up my shirt, scratch my belly and yell, ďGimme a beer!Ē We tease each other a lot and to see this horrified look on his face was just too much fun. Well, Ally hears everything and a couple of weeks ago, she was singing her ABCís and right smack in the middle of them, guess what she yells? ďGimme a beer!Ē Oh, it was funny!! I havenít said it since, and neither has she, thank goodness! We really have to watch what we say around her!! Lol!

The timing of this baby has got me thinking about the holidays and how absolutely crazy itís going to be unless I am really organized. Iím a last-minute shopper and to plan this far in advance will be hard for me. Iíve told family that I need ideas and they just looked at me like Iím crazy, but I know what it will be like. If this baby is born around Thanksgiving, the first two-to-three weeks, Iíll just be barely surviving. Thank goodness for internet and catalog shopping!! They have been life savers in the past for me. My mom and her husband may be here, depending on how my mom is feeling so I could probably put her husband to good use and send him shopping for me. Heck, heíd probably even wrap presents for me if I asked him to. Christmas will be really fun this year. Maddie totally gets it and this year, Ally will too so I want to make it special for them. It will just require lots planning.

We have the big ultrasound coming up next week. Iím excited to get another peek at this little guy. Iím hoping everything looks good. It just dawned on me that I never got the AFP test done. At my last appointment, the computer system was down, so they werenít able to give me the paperwork and my Ob said theyíd mail it to me. Of course that never happened. Grrrr. Does anybody give good customer service anymore? Itís been so long since Iíve seen follow-through from any business that I think Iíd fall over if someone actually did something they said they would without a million follow-up phone calls from me first. Anyway, I think Iíll probably just bypass the AFP at this point and see what the ultrasound shows. The CVS test we did at week 12 doesnít test for neural tube defects but at this point, I think the ultrasound will pick that up if thereís a problem. Wish me luck!

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