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Bridget's Pregnancy Journal

Week 18
~ Ultrasound!

I love ultrasounds. I was a little nervous, going into the appointment but the baby looks terrific. He was breech and I refuse to worry about that at this point, since itís still very early. Heís got lots of time to get into the correct position. Heís measuring a little big - around the 75 percentile. The technician thought he had grabbed his feet with his hands, but then realized that he just has really long toes. This made me laugh so hard. Tom has really long toes. In fact, his feet are almost webbed!! Lol. He has his dad's feet!!

I had some bright red spotting around weeks 6 and 7 and I vaguely remembering the technician (a different one) commenting that my placenta looked like it might be forming low. Well, that was the case at this ultrasound also. Itís not completely covering my cervix, but just a portion of it is overlapping it. Itís a good excuse to get another ultrasound. They want to see me back in six weeks. Iím not complaining. The perinatologist said it was probably as bad as it was going to get and that as my uterus expands and grows upward, the placenta will too. I hope so. I really, really donít want to have a c-section. Iíve had two vaginal deliveries and would like this one to come out that way too!!

Tom took Maddie to dance class and then ran some errands with Ally while I had the ultrasound. I was there for a good hour. Maddie probably could have handled being there that long, although Iím sure she would have gotten bored, but Ally would have lasted two minutes. I felt bad asking Tom to take off, but it worked out well this way. We decided to head to Maine to spend the weekend of the 4th with his brother and his family.

So, I came home, packed like a maniac and after lunch, we were ready to go. One thing about traveling over an hour while pregnant is the need to make frequent potty breaks. The girls were thrilled to get out of the car and stretch their legs, but it made for a long trip. What is usually just a 3 1/2 hour ride, turned into an almost 5 hour ride. Oh, the moaning that went on in the back seat! ďAre we there yet?Ē

We had a terrific time and great weather. The girls had a fabulous time playing with their cousins. There are seven of them five and under! I never have bought a maternity swimsuit and for some reason I felt very self conscious wearing the ensemble that I wore to the Outer Banks in May - bikini top and board shorts, so I just wore a pair of shorts and a halter top. I didnít go swimming, which was just so dumb. Swimming feels so good. If we go back up there, I will get a maternity swimsuit so I can swim. That was just dumb on my part.

Maddieís observations about my changing physical appearance are quite funny. Her latest comment was, ďGoodness, Mommy! Your boobies are getting almost as big as your belly!Ē Well, I can assure you that not true. They are big, but theyíre not that big!! Lol!!

Weíve had some discussions about where weíre going to put this little guy once heís here, but havenít come to any conclusions yet. We still have some time to work it out. Tom insists that itís a non-issue, which doesnít make me happy because that means weíll be moving. Weíll just have to wait and see.

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