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Week 24
~ Follow Up Ultrasound and Rethinking His Name!

I had my follow-up ultrasound and the baby moved. He's no longer breech and the placenta has moved too. It's still considered low-lying but no concerns. They'll probably want to take a look when I go into labor to make sure it's out of the way but the perinatologist said it should only move up and out of the way from here.

I think we've reconsidered the baby's name. Tom has a nephew that lives in another state. He and his wife just had a baby a little over a year ago and they named him Jack - our favorite boy's name. We see them frequently for birthday parties and holidays. Tom has always been fine with naming him Jack, but it just didn't feel right to me.

I had a friend over for a playdate about a week ago and she said to me, "Ya know, if you guys were Italian, this totally wouldn't be an issue!" I started thinking about it and by the next day I had agreed and she had a point. Jack is our very favorite boy's name so why shouldn't we be able to use it too? It's not like we live in the same state. They do share our last name, but so what! We both like Grant a lot too, just not as well as Jack. We would name him Johnathon and use Jack as a nickname.

I waited a couple of days before I told Tom what I was thinking because I knew the second he heard me say that I was rethinking Jack, he'd be done with that decision!! And, I was right, lol! So, for now this baby is Johnathon William unless when he comes out he just doesn't look like a Johnathon and that happens! We're seeing Tom's family this weekend and we'll talk to his nephew about the name then and hope they're ok with it. I want to be sensitive to their feelings but I do remember his wife saying that if Ally had been a boy and we named him Jack, they would have used the name anyway. Hopefully if she thinks that it was ok for her to do it, she'll be ok and won't care if we use the name too. Well, you know these things don't always go both ways, so I'll let you know if there was a problem!!

The veins in the back of my leg don't seem to be getting worse, thank goodness, but then, I avoid looking at my backside when I'm naked anyway. Not pretty. I'm anxious for fall so I can cover up and hide some of this chub with sweaters. The girls are pretty amused over my out-of-proportion body. Maddie literally giggles when she sees me step out of the shower. And Ally has to comment too. She's become obsessed with my boobies. I doubt she remembers nursing. I'm sure neither of them do, but they know that's what they're for. Maddie asked me the other day if my boobies were done making milk for the baby. I asked her why and she said, "Because he's going to have a really full tummy drinking all of that milk from those big boobies!" Oh my!!!

I haven't started preparing Ally for the baby. I know I've got time. She's going to be the most affected by all of this. Maddie will be a terrific little helper, but Ally still thinks of herself as a baby and enjoys being the youngest. She likes to keep up with her big sister, but also likes to be the baby, too. I'm glad she has Maddie, because that will help occupy her. I think it will take her awhile to adjust and figure out her place in the family again. I know the greatest gift you can give your child is a sibling and that's evident from the way Maddie and Ally adore each other. I just worry that somehow I'm going to scar or alter Ally's little self in a negative way.

I remember being so afraid and feeling so protective of Maddie before I had Ally. The first year was hard - Maddie was little. She just turned two when Ally was born, but now, they are the best of friends. I'm sure it will all work out. I've got to worry about something . . .

I'm feeling and looking very pregnant these days. I see all my non-pregnant clothes hanging in my closet and I am longing for them. Longing to be little enough to wear them again. I get asked all the time when I'm due. My usual response is "Not soon enough!" and I try and leave it at that. I will be HUGE by the time this little guy is due but what can ya do? I've got a big round belly and well, we're just not going to talk about the rest of me!

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