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Bridget's Pregnancy Journal

Week 25
~ Still suffering from morning sickness

No more morning sickness, already!!! It's back and I feel so awful. It started back up again last week and has continued everyday since then. Well, heck, has it really ever gone away? No, not really. Just when I think it's gone it comes back again. I think I need to accept that it may be here throughout the rest of my pregnancy and I need to deal with it. Blech! It's bad enough that it's affecting my daily activities. I'm really not that hungry so I'm not sure why I still keep gaining weight, well it feels that way. Maybe because the baby is growing? I dunno. I have an Ob appointment next week and I'm not exactly looking forward to stepping on the scale, but I think the weight gain has slowed down quite a bit. Well, compared to what I gained in the first trimester that's a good thing!! I would be enormous if I had kept gaining weight at that rate!

The overall tone of my journal throughout this pregnancy has been pretty darn grumpy and I'm sorry for that. I'm really not an unhappy person, I'm just cranky and tired of being pregnant. I know that sounds so awful and I feel guilty feeling that way knowing so many people struggle for years to get pregnant. I love feeling this little guy move around but that is the only thing I like about being pregnant. It's just tough. I'm getting to that uncomfortable stage and I realized I've still got a loooonnngggg way to go before Thanksgiving!

Ally's been acting crazy lately and sapping most of my patience. She is two and I know that explains a lot. I wonder if she senses things are about to change. She's a smart little cookie. Her world is will be the most impacted by all of this. We've been looking at cars since the one we have won't fit three carseats across. Ally will say, "We need a bigger car to fit baby Jack!" She's so cute.

Tom mentioned to me the other day that he will be sad when we are done making babies. He loves the belly. He also loves the boobs too, but you really don't want to hear about that. I think he's a little frightened of the newborn stage again. Ha! He's frightened? Gimme a break! I breastfeed so there's nothing he needs to do at night. He does help with diaper changes. With Ally, I got really good at changing diapers at night, in the dark so we could go back to sleep as fast as possible, but with a little guy, I think things are a little different! Well, you know, their little parts are different and I've heard stories about getting sprayed with pee, so maybe changing diapers with the lights off is a bad idea!

And speaking of little boy parts, I keep encouraging Tom to do some research on circumcision. He has neglected to do so, and I've told him that I'm very much against it at this point. I realize there are religious reasons and traditions, but the only argument that Tom can come up with is he won't look like me. Well, heck, how often are guys standing around comparing each others penises? More often than I think, I'm sure!! Well, if they're comparing, isn't it more about size than say, style? lol! There's no medical reason to do it and in other countries, it's rarely done anymore. The trend in the US to circumcise seems to continue declining as well. From the research I've done it looks like about 60% are circumcised and on the west coast somewhere around 36% have been. So, until he can find a good reason and convince me of it (which there isn't!) I'm not having it done.

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