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Bridget's Pregnancy Journal

Week 27
~ I Think I'm Going to Fire My OB

I am fed up with my OB. When I list all the things they haven't done, I think you'll be nodding your head in agreement and your response is going to be, "What took ya so long, sister?" I don't know... I kept hoping it would get better.

Here's why I'm feeling a big neglected:

1) When I was pregnant with Ally and had the routine blood work done, no one ever called me to say what the results were. As it turned out, my iron was low, low enough to warrant supplements. I've been borderline anemic in the past, so I wasn't surprised, but a little follow up here would have been nice!

2) When I was in the hospital with Ally with false labor (I thought it was the real deal - she was a week early) and they were going to send me home but the resident OD decided to do a quick ultrasound to make sure everything was ok. As it turned out, the amniotic fluid was really, really low. She called my OB, who never bothered to come in and see me, and just said it was up to me to stay or go home. The resident OB said that if I was her sister, there was no way she was letting me go home with fluid that low. The cord could prolapse and given I was 39 weeks, we might as well just stay and have a baby. Not cool for my OB to not even come discuss the situation with me.

3) This pregnancy - No script for prenatal vitamins. Not that it matters anyway, I would have chucked them up and have ok luck keeping Flintstone's down. It's more the principle.

4) I wanted to do the AFP blood test. The day I had my appointment that I should have gotten the paperwork, their computer system was down. My OB said they would mail it to me. Guess what? I never got the paperwork. I had a level 2 ultrasound with a perinatologist (not my OB) at 18 weeks who said I didn't need to have the AFP at this point. Fine, but again, another dropped ball.

5) At my 24 week appointment, I asked for paperwork for the glucose test. My OB's response was, "Oh, we'll give that to you at your next appointment." Well, guess what? I just had my 28 week appointment and do you think I got paperwork for the glucose test? Nooooo.

All the above, plus the fact that I'm in there for literally 4 minutes for a quick measure and heartbeat check and then I'm pushed out the door has led me to think really hard about how committed my OB is to providing me with quality care. Changing OB's means I need to change hospitals too, which I'm not crazy about, but I am so fed up. It's a darn good thing I'm healthy and the baby's healthy or things could really have gone way wrong. This is one of those group practices and a few of the doctors are really great, but the rest of them just stink.

So, the following week, I call the office and explain that I never got paperwork to take the glucose test and their response was so classic. "Oh, you really need to go do that!" Well, duh!! So I show up at the office to get the paperwork (I have to go to a lab for the blood draw) and the receptionist says, "Oh you must have lost it." Uh, no, it was never given to me in the first place. I cannot bring myself to torture the girls (or myself!) by bringing them to the lab, so I'll go on Saturday.

Way more trivial than having gestational diabetes is my hair. I know better than to chop it off while pregnant, but I did. In fact, isn't that rule number 1? Never, ever chop off all your hair while you're pregnant? It makes my face look that much rounder and it's nearly impossible to style quickly. Why is it that short hair takes more time to make it look good than longer hair does? I can barely pull it back into a ponytail and the curls just look weird. *Sigh* My hairstylist should know better. Well, he's a guy, so I can't expect him to understand the self-esteem and body image issues that go along with looking like a side of a barn, but after cutting my hair for a total of seven years, you'd think he'd question my motives! I'm angry with him and I'm angry with myself for being so impulsive. Oh well, it is just hair, right? Way more important things to worry about.

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