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Week 28
~ I Fired My OB and Failed My 1 Hour Glucose Test!

Well, I got the results back from the 1 hour glucose test. I failed it!! And it just figures, so I have to go do the 3 hour test now! Enough already, right? I fired my OB. I've been asking around; the funny thing about my street is there are only nine houses but there are 4 doctors and they've all unanimously endorsed the same OB. I've got an appointment next week. I'm crossing my fingers that it's worth the hassle of changing doctors so late in the game AND changing hospitals. My baby and I deserve better care than we're getting. This is border-line neglect if you ask me and I really should have changed practices much earlier than this. By the time we find out if I've got gestational diabetes, some damage could have already be done. I'm trying not to be upset about it. I'll probably pass the 3-hour test with no problems. From everything I've read online, anything higher than 140 on the one hour should be retested. Well, for whatever reason, my OB's office tests anything higher than 135 and I scored a 137. I don't know; I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Ally's RoomOn to happier and less frustrating topics: Ally's furniture finally came in and boy is her room adorable. I want to sleep in her room! It's so happy and cheerful. I was frugal and just used Maddie's baby stuff - her old bumper, curtains and glider. We painted Ally's room yellow and then I painted green and yellow butterflies on the wall. Tom was completely against repainting the room, so I've been looking and looking for bedding that would go with yellow walls. Well, low and behold I found a quilt at Pottery Barn Kids that happened to be on sale (love that!), brought it home thinking it would work and I was right! The new quilt has light and dark pink in it as well as the same yellow and green of her crib bedding, so all I really needed to do was introduce some more pink into her room. I just painted some pink daisies, to go along with the yellow and green ones. Viola! Room is done! You should see her at bedtime and at nap time. Ally gets positively giddy when we tuck her in. She's so happy to be in her big girl bed. This poor baby in my tummy though, his dresser is in my closet and the poor kid doesn't have a room. It's ok (I keep needing to tell myself that) since we still don't know what will happen once Tom has a new boss.

We've been trying to resolve our car dilemma. Tom is driving a very old Audi with over 100,000 miles on it and my car isn't big enough to hold three carseats. Maddie is such a peanut; she's barely 30 lbs and she's still in her Britax Roundabout, although I was just reading that the height limit on it is 40". I think she's 39 1/2" now. I don't think I'm going to move her into a booster seat. I feel safer with her being in a five-point harness and since she's little and doesn't know the difference anyway, it just seems like the right thing to do, but, that means we need a car with three rows. Have I mentioned before that Tom is Mr. Anti-Mini-Van? lol! He won't be driving the thing, I will, but he doesn't even want it parked in the garage. Whatever. Most of the moms I know resist them too, and aren't happy about having to go the mini-van route, but they are so practical and end up loving them once they have them. We only have two more months to go. I've told him the decision is up to him, so we'll see what he does. He brought home a fancy, expensive Lexus GX 470 over the weekend to try out. Beautiful SUV, but totally unpractical. We put one of the carseats in the third row to see how it would fit and we asked Ally to climb in. She couldn't sit with her feet straight. Her feet were too big and were right up against the second row, so she had to turn her feet to the side a al second position (ballet speak). So, what I want to know, is these manufacturers that make SUVs with third rows, who can comfortably sit in them? If a two year old can't, who else can? Sheesh!

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