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Week 30
~ Oh, boy that 3 hour glucose test was fun! Not!!

So, I walk into the clinic to take my 3 hour glucose test at 8:15 am. My Ob (my old one) was suppose to fax the paper work over and I was surprised that they actually did it. The woman at the counter asks me if I had an appointment and I told her no, I didn't know that I needed one and then she proceeded to tell me that they already had three other three-hour glucose tests and that was the maximum amount they like to take on a Saturday and that I would have to come back. I could feel my blood pressure rising. One of the technicians overheard why I was there and she was adamant about me making an appointment. It's a walk in clinic!!! No appointments necessary!! Arrghh!!!

So, using as polite but convincing of a voice as I could, without losing my cool, I explained to them that I had two small children and there was no way I could bring them here for three hours while I wait. I told them that my husband travels during the week and we don't have any family nearby, so I couldn't come back during the week and the following weekend we were going to be away attending a family wedding. She actually suggested that I come back the following weekend. That's when I sort of lost it. I didn't scream or yell, but I said no, that would not work for me. I need to have this test today. If I come back when she was suggesting, I would be almost 33 weeks. I said, "If I have gestational diabetes then it needs to get under control now!" She was questioning me why I was having the test so late. Argh again!! It was my old Ob's fault - they never gave me the paperwork and it wasn't until I remembered and then reminded them that we hadn't taken the test yet. I think the woman began to realize that I wasn't leaving and she was right! I was NOT leaving until I had taken that test. That's not exactly how I wanted to spend my Saturday! Their lame excuse of only wanting to do three, three-hour glucose tests on Saturdays is purely out of laziness. Several times during my wait, I was the ONLY person in the waiting room. They were obviously so busy!!

I've come to realize that my threshold for the day is 7pm. If Tom isn't home by 7, I start to fall apart. My body aches at the end of the day. The girls are punchy and have lots of energy to burn. Mealtime is a nightmare with them and I find that I get so frustrated if they ask for something to eat, I make it for them and then they refuse to eat it, only to tell me they're hungry an hour later. I love these two little girls more than anything in the world, but right now I'm just a cranky old pregnant woman who is ready to give birth. I know Maddie misses the mommy I used to be and I'm doing my best to suck it up and do what needs to be done. There's some days that I fail miserably at being a good mom and I have major guilt for that.

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