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Week 31
~ Argh - I flunked my 3 hour glucose test!

I'm so angry right now. I'm angry with my old OB for failing to give me the test when I was suppose to take it, and I'm angry for the damage that may have already been done to my body and possibly the baby's. This is not good.

I've been thinking a lot about what is so different about my eating habits during this pregnancy vs. my pregnancies with the girls and I've realized that I've never really moved out of the first trimester - comfort food - carb phase. I'm still getting morning sickness and the foods that appeal to me and settle my stomach are almost all carbs. Meat is pretty repulsive to me. I cannot tolerate the texture of eggs. Veggies are a turnoff, so I've been eating carbs and fruit. Lots of sugar. No wonder I failed! When I was pregnant with Maddie, I had been a vegetarian for seven years and found myself with the most intense cravings for meat. I caved and started eating meat again when I was about 8 weeks pregnant with her and have since. With Ally, my pregnancy was similar to Maddie's, although I had more severe morning sickness and with this babe, well, is it Thanksgiving yet?

So, since I got the news that I have gestational diabetes, I've been really, really careful with what I've been eating. I've eliminated soda and juice (I really miss orange juice, or oranja geese as Ally calls it) all processed carbs like bagels, my beloved Poptarts and Capt. Crunch cereal. I'm trying to eat protein at every meal. The hardest thing is trying to choke down some protein first thing in the morning. That's when I miss the Poptarts the most. I had a Poptart thing with my pregnancies with the girls too. They just settle my stomach first thing in the morning. I've been making steel cut oats, but there's some mornings I don't have time, especially when it's a school day for Maddie, so those mornings I usually don't eat until I get back home. I'd rather not eat anything, than eat something that doesn't sound appealing and risk throwing it back up.

I called my new Ob and told them my scores and they set me up with a nutritionist. We talked on the phone and she gave me some great suggestions, too. I know I can do this - I have to do this. It's for my health as well as for the baby. She reassured me that there was nothing I did to make this happen (I kinda disagree there - I think if I had maintained a more balanced diet to begin with, it might not have happened) and that she's seeing it more and more. She said she used to think it was solely a weight issue, but she's seeing more and more women that were of normal pre-pregnancy weights to have gestational diabetes. That made me feel a little better.

I found out I failed, not because they called me. Of course not! I had to call them to get the results. They called me back literally just as we were leaving to catch a flight to Baltimore for a family wedding. I fumed the whole way there and I probably should have just let it go, but I was angry. I was a complete party-pooper at the wedding. The all day packing on Friday did me in and I never recovered. If you have to pack for an over-night trip with children, you might as well be gone for a week, because you need the same amount of paraphernalia. By the time we got to the hotel it was almost 8:30 pm. We hadn't eaten dinner yet and I was exhausted. So, the girls got to bed late, I didn't sleep well at all and the wedding was at 10:30 in the morning. Not much time to rest and catch up on sleep.

I missed almost the entire ceremony. Maddie had to tinkle, then as soon as I got back monkey-see-monkey-do (aka Ally) had to go too. Unfortunately, I had to walk about 500 yards, up a huge hill to get to the church (garden wedding) to get to the bathroom. It was Tom's sister's son that was getting married and I didn't want him to miss it, so that's why I took them both times. I'll tell ya, walking up the hill the second time, almost had me in tears. It was a hike!! By far the highlight of the trip was watching the girls dance at the reception. They were hilarious. They had a string quartet at the beginning, playing classical music. Maddie was so moved by the music, she just started doing interpretive dance improv all by herself. And let me tell ya, this girl loves the lime light!! She's got some moves, too!! Ally was more restrained, but she can boogie, too!!

Saturday night, Tom's sister had everyone over at their house to meet before dinner. There were 20-some people and they planned it at a restaurant that DOESN'T take reservations on a weekend. It was at a sports bar - and it was a football Saturday. There's no quick table turnover - people are going to hang out and watch the game. We got there at 6:45 and by 8:00 pm we were still NOT seated. I was famished at that point, feeling very light headed and jittery. The girls were hungry and tired too. I told Tom we just needed to leave and go find food - NOW! I broke down and had this huge, uncontrollable bawl-fest after we left.

It took the girls until Wednesday to get back on track. Sunday and Monday were rough and even Maddie's preschool teachers said that she wasn't her usual bubbly self on Monday. Both girls took marathon naps on Tuesday. The trip wore them out too! I've never been so happy to be home in my life!!

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