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Week 32
~ This is so embarrassing, I can't believe I'm about to broadcast this all over the internet...

Well, I met my new Ob this week. The practice is wonderful. I felt like they were very competent and also very nice. I felt taken care of. Wow, what a difference. I was there for almost two hours getting up to speed on things. I no longer have any reservations about changing hospitals. The good thing about this practice and the hospital that they deliver at is they don't use residents. So, it will just be one of the doctors in my practice. I like that idea a lot. In all seriousness, I saw my old Ob for maybe 20 minutes the whole time I was in labor with Ally. He came in to catch her and then stitched me back up. That was it. It was all about the labor and delivery nurse and the resident Ob.

I stepped on the scale and was absolutely horrified at the number I saw. I'm up about 7 lbs more than I gained total with Maddie and Ally. The baby is measuring big too. I don't think I'm overeating, but could be a result of my former carb-laden diet. A typical day for me is a latte with a slightly burned poptart for breakfast, some cottage cheese or maybe a sandwich for lunch and then a big bowl of cereal for dinner. I usually have a soda in the afternoon or a chai tea latte and some crackers or something. My appetite isn't nearly what it was, but somehow I'm still gaining weight like crazy. It's going to take me forever to get rid of it! I'm hoping that eating more protein and watching the carbs/sugar will get the weight gain in check.

Ok, notice how I've been avoiding the embarrassing thing? Well, for the last several weeks, things haven't felt quite right down there. I've been in denial about it and then sometimes it seems like it's gone away. Most of the time, I feel a lot of pressure and periodic pain. Standing for too long is really uncomfortable and even sitting and laying down doesn't relieve the pain. It's not like I can easily see what's going on. Good grief, I can barely see my feet. In the shower, I discovered that things feel rather bumpy, but just on one side. I was pretty concerned so I asked my Ob to take a quick look and tell me what he saw. Ok, I'm just going to say it. I had no idea what he was going to tell me but I was petrified. I have varicose veins on my Who Hoo!! Who knew you could get varicose veins there? I surely didn't! I had no idea. The doctor brought back this order form for this female jock strap contraption. I laughed out loud at the image. I think I said something like, "You've got to be kidding me?!" I can only imagine how comfortable this thing is going to be to wear!

Tom was home with the girls while I went to the appointment and when I got home he asked how things went. I gave him the rundown and then told him about my little problem. He was not interested in hearing about it, he covered his ears with his hands and started talking very loudly. Now that's mature! He's equally responsible for the rapid deterioration of my body, you'd think he could at least listen to me complain about my problems and pretend to be empathetic!! He gets kinda squeamish about this stuff so it doesn't totally surprise me that he'd just rather not know about it. Well, he's gonna know!! I'm not sure what to expect during labor. I have some concerns that with all the pushing that something might rupture. I need to ask my Ob about that at my next visit. Going through labor and pushing a baby out cannot be kind to a varicose vein on your Who Hoo.... Ouch, it hurts just thinking about it!

I told you this pregnancy is kicking my butt!! Here's my current list of complaints:
* Morning Sickness - still at 32 weeks
* Gestational Diabetes - no more Capt. Crunch or Poptarts
* Varicose Veins on my leg and Who Hoo
* Spider Veins on my leg and hip
* Big giant boobies that would hang like over-ripe melons down to my belly button if they weren't resting on my humongous stomach
* Swelling in my feet so bad I'm down to two pairs of shoes that I can fit into
* Sciatica

Ok, let me just say that I know things could be so much worse and I'm grateful that I'm not on bedrest or having to take insulin (hoping I can control the gestational diabetes with diet modifications). There's a healthy little baby growing in there and if these are the sacrifices I have to make to bring this little guy into the world, then that's the way it is. It just feels good to vent about it though...

I think Tom realized that I was taking a beating on this pregnancy, so he sent me 3 dozen roses. A dozen for each child. Very sweet. A dear friend from StorkNet's Message Boards sent me this teeny little package addressed to the baby. Inside was five cone shaped flannel Pee Pee Tee Pees!! I guess you put it over the little dude's pee pee so we don't get sprayed when we're changing his diaper. Gosh, I laughed so hard when I opened up that package. I had no idea they even made such a thing. And, from what I understand, they'll come in handy!!

I realized this week that I've done a really poor job of finding good quality one-on-one time with Maddie. Ally gets quite a bit of mommy-time, but Maddie rarely gets special time with me, so we're heading to the mall to pick out her Halloween costume. She's really excited. She wants to be Cinderella. Well, of course she does! She's four! Ally wants to be Piglet and she desperately wants Tom to be Pooh. Tom's the kind of dad that he'll don the Pooh suit and have fun with it, but he was initially a little concerned. I will most definitely be taking photos. What I will do with them, I haven't decided yet. All I can say is he better be good to me for these next few weeks!!

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