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Bridget's Pregnancy Journal

Week 33
~ Waiting and a little nesting

Hello, in there? Are you ready? I am!! Just finish up doing whatever you're doing and go ahead and come out. Ok, I'm all done carrying you around in my tummy, little guy. I'm anxious to meet you. Well, honestly, I don't want him to come just yet. There's a few more things I need to do first, and for his health, it would be better if he stayed put for a little while longer.

I've been nesting. Cleaning out the girls' closets and drawers, washing all of the baby's things. My niece gave me a boat load of baby clothes, so I bought some Dreft and got everything sorted by size, folded and put away in his dresser, in my closet. Why is it when the clothes dryer goes off and I pull out freshly laundered baby clothes that I immediately bring the pile of clothes up to my face and inhale? They smell so good!! I love Dreft and the unmistakable baby scent they make their tiny little clothes smell. It's heavenly and makes me smile looking at their tiny little things. They just grow so darn quickly.

Tom and I were suppose to go out to dinner together and pick out a going home outfit for the baby, but honestly, I don't see that happening, so I bought something. I think he was a little miffed that I did it, but it needed to be done. I suppose if we happen to get a babysitter between now and the next few weeks, we could always look together then, but at least the baby has something to wear home.

I keep calling him the baby because we absolutely cannot decide on his name. We like Jack William or Grant William. Tom wants to name him John William but use Jack as a nickname. Why can't we name him just Jack? He thinks that dumb. Well, I think naming him John and calling him Jack sounds dumb to me right now (no offense to those of you who have little boys named John and call him Jack, I just don't see the point.) I like the name Jack better than I do Grant, but Grant is a little more unusual. Oh, who knows what we'll do. That's the least of my worries at the moment.

My crazy husband has been poking around within his company and found an open position that he's really interested in pursuing. I'm not sure what goes on in his brain. The added responsibility of another child makes him feel the need to find a bigger, better job? We're doing fine. Of course more cash is always nice, but I'm pretty content with the way things are. We have a nice house, we're saving for retirement, we're saving for the kids' educations. When we got married, we both had pretty big dreams and aspirations. Since I'm not in the corporate world any longer, and my bosses are both under 3 feet tall, my priorities have shifted a bit. The biggest problem with this new job is that it would absolutely mean a relocation. Lovely timing, don't cha think? It's all I can do to not smack him. Seriously, does he not realize what kind of disruption a relocation would mean with a newborn and two small children? Just the mere thought of moving sends me into a mini-panic attack. Birthing a child brings out this intense need to feel settled. It's hard to explain, but it's one of the few times in my life that I'm really NOT flexible. We've moved a lot, some of it hasn't been great timing, but I've always made the best of it. Maddie was just 11 weeks old when we moved from Arizona to Connecticut. That was hard and I wince when I think about the logistics of doing it again. This is my last baby. I want to savor every little moment. I just want to curl up in my nice, warm home and hibernate with my little guy this winter. I don't want to be schlepping around house hunting, trying to sell this house. I think I'm starting to get hives thinking about it. Ok, I'm going back to my little state of denial for now. There's really no use getting all worked up over something that isn't even a done deal yet, right? I will say this though, he will owe me BIG if this deal goes through!

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