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Bridget's Pregnancy Journal

Week 35
~ Oh, great, as if I didn't have enough problems down there already!

Over the past few days, I've gotten really uncomfortable. It seemed to have happened overnight. He's moved down further and the added pressure has not been kind to the birthing region. It feels like I've got a bowling ball wedged between my legs. His movements make me gasp and stop me dead in my tracks. On top of the varicose veins that are there, I now have a god-awful case hemorrhoids. They're huge!! Lovely, just lovely. Sitting is fun. Standing or walking is even more fun. Fortunately, er unfortunately for me, I guess, I'm an old pro at dealing with these little buggers. I just don't have time to do multiple sitz baths a day and that's one of the things that really gives me relief. And I know I'm stuck with them until I deliver, which of course they'll be a whole lot worse after delivery from all the pushing. I so want this baby, but man has this pregnancy been hard on me!

I haven't had a lot of Braxton hicks contractions during this pregnancy. I had them all the time when I was pregnant with Ally. They were annoying, but not all that intense. Well, this time around, the ones I do get are doosies. Whoooo weeeee!! Maybe they're more efficient. I'm not exactly looking forward to internal exams, but I'm hoping my body is doing a better job preparing for birth this time around.

Well, apparently Tom passed the first round of interviews with the new position he's interested in as they want to see him next week. I could hear the excitement in his voice when he called me on the phone. I hope he heard the panic in mine! Again, no sense in worrying about things until I need to. I've got enough to think about with the baby coming, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. It's going to be busy, busy, busy here. I'm just going to cover my ears with my hands and pretend I didn't hear a thing. Denial is a nice place, I think I'll stay there awhile.

So, I've been dreading this next week for about two months now. Tom has to travel for just about the whole week. He's attending this dumb leadership retreat thing (nice attitude, eh?) and he's doing round two of The Interview. I guess I should be grateful that he was lucky enough to be able to schedule it while he was already away and not have to travel a second time. I'm a little concerned how I'm going to make it through the week. It stinks not having any family nearby and I'm a wimp. Three nights away is pretty much my limit before I start to feel frazzled. This trip is four nights. Not pregnant, I can handle it. I'm not happy about it, but I can handle it. At 36 weeks, it's just too much and I'm not afraid to admit that. I know my limitations! I am just plain pooped at the end of the day. I sent a desperate email to my dad in Ohio asking him if he'd be willing to help. I offered to pay for the gas, as it's about a nine hour trip by car. He said he'd come, so at least I'll have help. He's a terrific cook, so I know I'll eat better than if I were to be here alone (eating Kashi cereal for dinner, probably) and he can help the girls burn off that energy they seem to have so much of after dinner.

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