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Birth Story
~ It's a Boy!

Baby BoyYeah! We're done - and we have a healthy baby boy to show for it - born October 26, 2009 at 3:03 am, 7 lbs and 4 oz, 19 inches long! I never did manage to get week 37 written about, but I delivered when I was 38 weeks and 1 day, so I am feeling pretty good about that.

The last week was been kind of hectic and very uncomfortable. I was scheduled for work 2 days in a row that weekend, and as the weekdays of week 37 stretched out, I began to dread it more and more. The baby was so low I felt like I needed to go pee constantly, and I literally felt bruised from the inside out. BG was so good, playing on her own and bringing me books (to where I lay on the couch, on my side, trying to get comfortable). We had a few nice days in between all the rainy weather this Fall has brought, so I felt I had to get outside with her and let her enjoy some of our last good weather. She deserved the playground and sandbox fun, and she thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

I knew work was going to be rough when I got a call on Thursday evening to see if I wanted to work extra that night - yikes and NO! Three days in a row would have been WAY more than I could have handled. As I got ready for work on Friday, I was sure I would never make it through 12 hours on my feet - but, I did! I slept reasonably well on Saturday, and when I got up that evening, I was having my usual contractions. My mom had come to stay and help out with BG, and she really wanted me to stay home, as much for my aching body as to keep me from being exposed to more H1N1! But, once again, I made it through all 12 hours, and we even broke a record in the ER and saw the most patients ever. Not something I came home and celebrated, for sure! The end of my shift on Sunday morning was pretty rough, and I felt like a good sneeze was all I needed to give birth. I tried to sleep when I got home, but the pain in my nether regions would not let up. I wasn't having any more contractions than usual, and I didn't think they seemed any more intense, but I finally gave up on sleep after two hours.

I laid on the couch all day long and DH waited on me like the true prince he is. I decided that if my pain did not improve, I would go in after I laid BG down for the night. I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could since I had the tiniest feeling that I might not be at home in the morning! At around 8pm I put BG to bed and called my little brother to come and stay with her, because I was feeling worse and had called into L&D to come in and be checked. Unfortunately, the doctor thought I had just overdone it at work and sent me home with an Ambien - dang it! We got back home at around 10 pm and I drug myself into bed, already feeling the effects of the Ambien. At about 12 am, I woke up with much more frequent contractions and much more pain. It was the strangest feeling - I felt drunk as I tried to walk to the bathroom - stupid Ambien! I got back into bed and tried to tough it out, but after another hour, I woke up DH and told him we needed to head back into the hospital. This time, the doctor checked me and pronounced me in early labor, which meant I was going to be having this baby much sooner than my scheduled c-section on November 2!!

I was so excited - the best thing about having your second child is that you already know how much fun kids are, and you aren't totally overwhelmed with the idea of parenthood - so you just get to enjoy it! My spinal was a little rough going in, but it worked like a charm for the surgery. I got a little teary when the doctor dropped the drape so that I could see my son for the first time - he is so handsome! And has such gorgeous hair! My sister was my nurse, so she kept the baby in the OR for his assessment so I wouldn't be all by myself while they sewed me back up. Our new little son latched on like a champ once I got into the recovery room and has been a darling angel ever since. He was circumcised about 8 hours after birth, so he was pretty sleepy all day today. He woke up tonight and wowed all his visitors with big eyes and lots of sweet little noises, so I'm hoping for a good night's sleep in between feedings!!

We are so happy to have our son in our arms, and we can't wait to take him home to meet his big sister. It has been fun writing about this journey, and thanks to everyone for reading!

Love always,
~ Cammie

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