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Week 10
~ Ode to Stretchy Pants

Apologies Ė this post is a little late, because I wanted to wait until after I had my sono. Everything (at least what you can see at this stage) looks great! We got to see a little dancing baby, with all limbs waving, and a good heart beat, so that was a relief. For me, seeing is believing when it comes to this little person inside of me, at least till I can start feeling movement. And now, onto stretchy pants!

I heard something about maternity clothes once, and I canít quite remember how it goes, but it is something like this . . . with your first pregnancy, you canít wait to wear them, with your second one, you wait as long as possible, and with your third, you are still in them from the second. I have to admit, I was completely on-point with the first pregnancy prediction. I think I bought maternity clothes when I was eight weeks pregnant. I wore the cutest maternity top for a Labor Day picnic Ė did I need it? Not really, but it was so cute! And, it was maternity! While I have yet to unpack my preggo clothes this time around, I will say that the stretchy pants are out in force. For those of you unfamiliar with stretchy pants, you have my total sympathy, because you are missing out on an amazing comfort phenomenon. My sister recently bought a pair of stretchy pants that had pockets stitched on the back (like jeans). Stylish stretchy pants Ė what will they think of next?!!?

At any rate, I rarely wear "real" pants. I tried to today, and while I was able to button my jeans while standing without any extreme calisthenics or a corset, they were far from comfortable. As soon as I got home from my errands, I quickly shucked them for my much more comfortable stretchy pants. Even at work, I wear scrubs with spandex in them. I am oh-so-thankful that I donít have to wrestle on panty hose and dress clothes, like a good friend of mine who is a lawyer, and pregnant. Her clothing was all tailored, so she has moved on to dresses, which hopefully will accommodate her growing belly. I say hopefully, because those of us who have made it past 36 weeks know that there is really very little clothing that fits your ginormous belly at the end. Unless you count mumus. Which I donít.

So, I will probably be able to hold out on maternity clothes until the second trimester. I even have some "dressy" stretchy pants that are a shinier black material Ė perfect for church, right? For all of you fashionistas who have cringed throughout this entry, I envy your style, your put-togetherness, and your matching accessories. But I donít envy your discomfort, because although you look good, no one can feel as good as I do right now. Like comfort food, these are the clothes that get me through . . . everything. And donít worry, I have a matching black stretchy hoody and stretchy pink tank top on, too Ė stylish? I think so!

~ Cammie

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