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Week 12
~ Apologies!

I am SO sorry this is so late, but guess what - the ER gets busy when everybody thinks they have the swine flu. And BG has been very sick for the past week, so work + baby care = no journal posting.

Overall, the pregnancy is going along swimmingly, which is good since I had to go in on-call to work so much!

I did have a moment of panic while caring for BG this past week, though - how will I do this with another baby? How will I have enough time for both of them? I guess this is how kids get tough, because sometimes one has to cry while the other gets some attention. More on that next entry.

Again, so sorry for all of you following me through this adventure - as long as they don't upgrade swine flu to LUDICROUS, I should be able to get enough sleep to post more next time (note, this post is at 0335, from work!).

~ Cammie

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