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Weeks 13, 14 & 15
~ Computer Virus

BG in the tubSorry everyone! My computer has a fatal virus and work has been too crazy to take time to write while I am there. But, I am here and everything is going OK. I mean, other than the dead computer and the crazy work. The pregnancy and parenting things are going great, and that's what is really important right? Exactly, so I will borrow my sister's computer for a few minutes to tell you about all the fun we've been having in the past couple of weeks.

I got the results of my nuchal translucency (NT) testing and everything looks good - I know some people would rather not know, but I feel like I would like I would like to be prepared. I can't imagine being so excited about the day of my child's birth and then finding out something like a fatal or severely debilitating chromosomal abnormality. But, I respect people who are OK with trusting in God or just going with the flow, or whatever!

I swear I can feel the baby moving, even though I know it is still too early. It just seems like some of those little flutters have to be baby and not gas? Right? Or not. BG has started climbing all over me whenever I sit down to play with her, which translates to stepping on the baby a lot. I am sure once I can really feel movement that some of her gymnastic maneuvers will cause some big kicks in return. We took a little peek at the baby using the work sono a few nights ago and it is hard to believe how big he is getting!! I call it a he, even though we are not finding out the gender, just because I can't call my child an "it" for nine months. One of my friends who does not have kids yet came in and watched and was just amazed and how such a small little person can wave, and kick, and suck his thumb. She was in awe, and it really reminded me of how much of a miracle it is to be growing this little person inside of me.

The thing is, now that I have BG to chase around, feed, clothe, bathe, chase around some more, and then put to bed - FINALLY! - I don't have nearly so much time to think about this baby. I alluded to this in an earlier entry, and it is still very much in my mind - how will I do this with two kids? Luckily, BG is very good at playing on her own, and she has had a lot of practice with me taking care of her cousin, so she is used to sharing her mom. Hopefully, all that practice will make having a new younger sibling an easy transition to make.

And, speaking of transitions, my sister and I built the second crib on Friday. I was going to try and put BG in a toddler bed, but then my sister-in-law offered me her crib as her last child had aged out it. Now, I don't have to feel guilty about pushing BG out of her crib before she's really ready. She'll only be just over 21 months old when the baby comes, and that seems kind of little to be in a big bed. I mean, for heaven's sake, she just started walking last week! Anyway, it is a great feeling to have the room all rearranged with both cribs in it. And, I am planning a garage sale in June, so I have been emptying out closets and rearranging the stuff inside, so we now have room to put the baby's stuff in the "kids' room."

I feel much more prepared for this baby in terms of organizing my life. Last time, I was working 50-60 hour weeks, and that did not leave time for much except sleeping and eating. And while all that is REALLY important is that the baby is healthy, if he could have just some of his big sister's easy-going nature and ability to sleep through the night at an early age, I would truly be totally ready to embark on parenthood, take two. Well, almost totally ready. OK, still kind of freaking out about the bad days, with two sick kids and headache, but hey, how often can that possibly happen, right? Maybe I shouldn't tempt fate.

Again, sorry for the delay in posting, hopefully my computer will go in this week and they will either fix it or we will buy a new one.

~ Cammie

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