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Week 16
~ Heartburn

Hello Everyone - well, another week has flown by and I am once again late with my post. The weekends are filling up, now that warm weather has arrived, and I am going to have to start journaling before those busy days, instead of trying to cram it in during the weekend and ending up doing it late. Whoops!

Anyway, today's theme is heartburn. If the old wives' tale and Johns Hopkins research study linking heartburn in pregnancy to hair on babies are true, then my baby is going to look like an ape when it is born. I had such bad heartburn last week that if I wasn't a nurse and didn't know that it definitely wasn't a heart attack, I could have sworn I was having a heart attack. Luckily, this severe and acute onset coincided nicely with my first appointment with my OB. On a side note, I LOVE my doctor. He sees mostly gynecological patients, so I feel lucky to be one of his few OB patients. He is just the best, no nonsense, answers all my questions with reasonable information, and he told me I can start taking daily Pepcid. Basically, he is my hero.

But, back to heartburn. I find that I have it much worse on days after I work. My sister theorizes that my pyloric valve is all worn out after a 12-hour shift and just can't keep that acid down where it's supposed to stay. I don't know if that's the case, but I do know that if this gets worse as the pregnancy progresses (which it did with BG), then I am going to need to be hospitalized for pain control if the pepcid stops working.

See, it turns out I have no pain tolerance. I was all worried about missing the whole 'labor' experience when I found out BG was breech. I even tried an external version, but that child was NOT going to move into a head-down position. Anyway, I resigned myself to a section, still a little bummed that I would not get to experience the labor part of labor and delivery. And then, my water broke. At first it was all just exciting - three days before my scheduled c-section and I was so ready to have the baby. And THEN, I had a contraction. Then, another one. Then, a third - and HELLO, those puppies had my toes curling and my knuckles white as I gripped the sides of the bed. My nurse (who thankfully, was also my sister), quickly gave me some medicine. Ahhh, blessed relief, and after the spinal I didn't feel pain for 18 hours. And that was my labor experience.

I probably should have realized with the first pregnancy that I was a huge weenie when the heartburn almost did me in. At least now I know what I can (NOT) handle, and I am all set for my next section. I applaud all those women who have vaginal births, and I will give a standing ovation to the ones who do it sans medications. However, I am already eagerly awaiting the pain-free delivery of my second child, and I hope my recovery goes just as nicely as the first one did!

Maternity clothes update: All unpacked, most summer items have been worn, and I am happily lounging in stretchy capris as I type! See you all next week - I am going to TRY to post earlier!

~ Cammie

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