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Week 17
~ The Land of Snot-a-Lot

We have had a rough week here in East Central Illinois. The summer colds have arrived and with a vengeance! First, BG woke up with barely a runny nose, and I prayed it was only more teeth (she has gotten four in the past month). But, as the day progressed, the snot thickened, and the coughing started. DH nursed her through a rough night while I was at work, and I blame my night shift induced lack of sleeping for the cold symptoms that I started exhibiting later that day. Unfortunately, for us preggos anyway, the relief you get from the "safe" medications is minimal to none. I finally gave up on Tylenol altogether - no need to stress my liver out if I was still going to feel terrible. And then, DH got the cold. So now, we three sit in all our crusty-faced glory, hacking up a lung here and a lung there, wishing there was more than one humidifier in our house (BG has it - Lucky!). DH doesn't like to take medicine, period, and I have to admit I am getting a little bitter that he COULD take something to make himself feel better but he doesn't! Hopefully, we only have a few more days at this level of secretion production. I've already gone to Sam's Club once to get the value-sized box of tissues with lotion! I don't know why summer colds are so much worse than winter ones. It must be that you can't enjoy the nice weather or something. Anyway, I worked two more nights this weekend, and it is always a good time to be sicker than 80% of the people that come in for "emergencies."

The baby has started kicking! This is my favorite part of the pregnancy - my belly is cute, round and little, I can feel the baby moving (which makes me less crazy about how he's doing in there), and I can still bend over and reach my feet. I did have to go shopping for a couple of new maternity items now that I look more pregnant than chubby. I got some great deals, and I actually found a swimming suit that might not look totally heinous. Or more correctly, that my pregnant, bloated, extremely white body will not look totally heinous wearing. I'm not one of those "she's ALL baby" kinda pregnant gals. I'm more of the "are you sure you aren't having twins?" variety. If I had a nickel for everytime somebody said that to me with my first pregnancy, I would have at least $2. And if I had a dollar for every person I punched in the face for saying that . . . Anyway, back to the swimsuit. My last pregnancy ended in the middle of the winter, so I didn't really have to wear a maternity suit during the summer months. I bought one (of course! It was on sale! And I needed it!), but wearing it was more for fun than necessity. I am pretty sure that I am going to be needing every inch of the tunic length suit I bought - it currently hits me about mid-thigh, has some nice shirring on the sides that help give it a cute shape, and covers my butt completely. I'll keep you posted on the monthly (weekly? Daily - egad??!!) decrease in length as my belly slowly steals more of the fabric for itself.

Hope all of you are staying happy and healthy, and are enjoying the start of summer!

~ Cammie

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