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Week 18
~ Yeah for the Pool!

At the Pool!The weather has finally cooperated and we made it out to the "real" pool. I have to be honest, sometimes this is more work than fun. Just getting one person ready, in this day and age of SPF 70 sunscreen and all that, takes a lot of time. Getting a one-year-old ready for a pool outing (who hates sunscreen and may or may not poop in her swim diaper approximately 14 minutes after it is put on) takes a WAY lot of time, and then it thunders and the pool is closed. Or, that is how our trips to the pool have been going, until this week. On Friday, we made it ALL the way to the pool, and we got in, AND nobody cried. It might be a miracle. See attached photo for proof that this all actually happened.

And here's what else happened while we were at the pool. Be prepared to be grossed out, and if you don't like to read about poop, then skip to the next paragraph. BG was happily playing in the baby pool when Grandma noticed a small cloud of debris leak from one side of her suit bottoms. I quickly whisked her to the bathroom . . . and then stopped. How does one remove a swim diaper without making a huge mess? Guess what - I DO NOT have the answer to that one. I do know that most poopy swim diapers are about a thousand times messier than the messiest normal poopy diaper. And I do know that I got poop on my leg. And on her legs. And all over the toilet (seat, back, everywhere), floor, walls of the stall, etc, etc, etc. It took me longer to clean up the bathroom than it did to clean up the kid. Once back in the pool, all went well until it was time to go. In the three minutes that BG was without anything covering her nether regions, she peed on my foot. So, I came away from the pool with BG all over me, in every sense of the word. Ewwww!

Onto a more pleasant subject: My swimsuit is perfect - in another small miracle, it looks just as good in full sunlight as it did in the dressing room at the store. I am very comfortable in it, and it stood up to getting in and out of the big pool with a small child clinging to my side (i.e. no wardrobe malfunctions). I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time in the water as this pregnancy progresses. I already get SO hot just unloading groceries or taking a few things for a weekend trip to Grandma's house out to the car. Our A/C is on and I love it. I could not sleep without it, especially since I have to sleep during the day once or twice a week.

And speaking of getting overheated, have you tried yardwork in this weather? I do believe that being pregnant gives you some kind of automatic pass on having to weed gardens. I'm hoping DH is also aware of this. So far, he is really keeping up on the vegetable garden, but the flower gardens . . . let's just say it would be more truthful to call them "weed" beds. I have been weeding the five feet on either side of the deck when BG and I are out playing in the sandbox. However, that leaves about 200 feet all the way around the rest of the house. Oh well, maybe I can call it a "green" approach to landscaping - I am letting nature take its course.

Stay cool - and green!
~ Cammie

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