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Week 20
~ Traveling Toddler

BG and her gogglesAhhh, I am exhausted. I will apologize in advance for the shortness of this post, but I am too tired to type much. We just got back from a five day trip to Austin, TX. It was supposed to be a vacation to visit my husband's family, but then his grandmother died, so we had a funeral to attend. It was still a great time - and we got to see even more family than expected, since his uncle from CA and his aunt from NM came and brought their families.

I must say that I don't think I can ever move to TX. It was over 90 degrees there every day, and on the day before we flew out it was over 100. HOT. And it is not a dry heat. It's humid, too, so you can only stay cool inside in air conditioning. Fortunately, pretty much anytime we spent outside was in a pool. BG stole the show, as usual. Her new favorite thing is to wear goggles around. The picture does not come close to capturing how hilarious it was to see her sauntering around the pool deck, belly out, goggles on, smiling like a goof!

She was an excellent traveling toddler. She slept on both flights on the way down. One passenger said "You guys really lucked out with her!" Her daily antics entertained everyone, and she crawled up on her grandpa's lap like she's known him all her life. He really enjoyed playing with his great-granddaughter - he told us "you've got a real sweetheart." And we heartily agree!

Here are my top 5 traveling tips when on the go with the under 2 crowd. . .

  1. Take lots of snacks.
  2. Take lots of small toys (because there are now pretty strict regulations about baggage size).
  3. Don't board first, even though it feels like a privilege to beat everyone else onto the plane; that's just 30-45 minutes longer that you have to entertain a small person who doesn't want to be sitting on your lap.
  4. Bring all cuddlies/comfort items/blankies, etc. You never know which one will be THE one to put your kiddo to sleep.
  5. If possible, sit next to a person who likes kids. On two of our flights, the passenger next to us was just as entertaining to BG as anything I brought in my carry on.
I'll leave you with those - I've gotta work the next two nights and I haven't even started laundry yet.

~ Cammie

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