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Week 21
~ The Bump

Yes, yes, the bump is officially here. Well, it has been here for quite some time, this being the second pregnancy and all, but it is now undisguisable. I wear scrubs at work (and let me get an "Amen" for not having to buy maternity work clothes), and up until this week, I've been able to keep the bump shrouded in loose tops and jackets. But, no more. This week, no less than five people have said "You've really popped!". I am not sure if I actually have gotten that much bigger, but just hearing people say that makes me feel THAT much bigger.

On the up side, my "girls" have also experienced a second growth spurt this week. Much to DH's delight, I have had to move on to my second stage of maternity bras. I feel like this really helps balance out the bump, so I'm not too dismayed. The only thing that worries me a little is that I don't remember this happening quite so early the first time 'round. But to be honest, I don't really remember the details on much at all, so it could all be exactly the same! Too bad I didn't do a weekly journal that time - then I'd have spot-on research to refer to.

But enough about me - I am just the vessel. The little one inside seems to be doing just fine - he dances a jig from time to time, and earlier this week I thought he might be trying to exit through my belly button. It was a momentary pain, but a pretty sharp one. I think I'm in for a LOT of jabs and pokes with this kiddo - hopefully (for DH), that bears out DH's predictions that this is a boy. We had a follow-up sono this week and he looks great. It is just amazing how fast babies grow - it seems like only a few weeks ago we had a bean-shaped baby with tiny arm buds, swimming in a huge space of fluid. It's a miracle!

Au revoir until next week!
~ Cammie

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