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Week 22
~ Work, Work, Work

If this post doesn't make sense, blame it on the fact that I'm almost up to full-time hours for the first time in 17 months - on top of being 22 weeks pregnant. With all the summer vacations, I have been needed at work a lot lately. I was not prepared for how much more difficult it would be to work nights and try to sleep with a toddler. While I do have someone to watch her during the day, I just miss her SO much that I can't sleep great even when she's not around. And work has been INSANE lately - no time to sit down, let alone get in the amount of water I should be drinking and then getting rid of! Today is my third night in a row, and this is the first time I've worked three in a row since I got pregnant. I'm hoping that the rainy weather will keep the non-emergencies away so we are unbusy enough that I can at least go pee 1 time in 12 hours.

The baby is still doing great - he is a mover and a shaker. I can feel the movement on the outside now, but DH is too impatient. He moves his hand just when the baby is about to kick. When I'm not working we have been spending a lot of time at the pool, and lucky for me, BG loves going in the big pool and having me carry her around, which is so much more refreshing than sitting in three inches of tepid water in the baby pool.

Sorry for such a short post, but I'm too tired to think of anything else interesting to say . . .
~ Cammie

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