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Week 23
~ It Will All be Worth It

OK, work is really running me into the ground, and I'll admit, even at the most relaxed of times I am not one of those glowing, blooming, whatever-ing pregnant women. I'm more of the glowering, stomping, wish-these-pants-would-still-fit kind. And working 12-hour shifts does very little to improve my mood. I have started wearing my belly brace at work, which is both supportive and hideously uncomfortable at the same time. One positive is that I can feel the baby that much better because he is lifted and seperated from the rest of my belly fat.

Tonight at work I found out that another person is pregnant and that brings our total in the ER up to 4. That helps with coping, because you have all these other people groaning as they drag themselves down long hallways, pregnant belly and all, to the room of another patient with an "emergent" sore throat. We are all at different places in our lives, too, which is kind of fun. One girl is having her first, another was VERY surprised by her pregnancy, and then the last two of us are both having our second, but I didn't have any trouble while my co-worker has had some complications.

Life with a one-year-old continues to be fun, which makes this pregnancy bearable, since I know I'll soon have another sweet baby to kiss and love. BG could not get any cuter; she really couldn't. We are traveling like crazy this summer, and she constantly amazes us with her adapatability and good mood. She is constantly entertaining any and all who are around her. I can't wait to meet this baby and get to know his little personality.

Adios, for now,
~ Cammie

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