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Weeks 24-26
~ Home Again, Home Again . . .

Cammie & BGAhh, vacation. It is fun to go, but good to be back at the home base. BG did great, as usual, even on a two-day driving trip up to Northern MN. All the stops for toddlers and gassing up an SUV pulling a boat did me good, too, with lots of walks and leg stretching. I also travel with my own entourage of obstetrical experts - my sister is an L&D nurse and my dad is an OB/GYN. That makes it a lot less stressful . . . any weird twinges or bizarre new symptoms can quickly be diagnosed by them!

The weather in MN was great - we had some warm, sunny days for swimming and playing at the back, some cooler days for hanging out in the lodge, and very cool nights for sleeping. My family (including grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc) has been going to the same place for over 20 years. It is the best vacation ever. We relax, eat a lot, the kids get to roam far and wide in relative safety, and generally have a great time. This summer, BG was old enough to do some of the things I have fun childhood memories of, so that was really amazing. She loved the ice cream treats the best, I think!

This trip brings our total for summer vacations up to 3 - and I think we are home to stay, now. We have been to Texas, Michigan, and Minnesota - all fun, but now it's time to just chill out and enjoy the nice weather here while it lasts. My mom was lamenting the start to back-to-school sales because she feels that it means the end of summer, but I am pretty sure we still have a lot of weeks of warm weather. I just hope it stays nice and mild like it has been!

The new baby is as active as ever. He is bopping and kicking around in there . . . and now most other people can feel it. Even DH was patient enough to wait around last night and feel a couple of big rolls and a head bump. I say head bump because I think this baby is currently breech, actually in just the same position as BG was. I have a hard little baby part lodged in the upper right part of my uterus . . . but this time, it won't be as stressful, since I already know how the baby will be arriving! I am hoping to be able to schedule my c-section at the next appointment. I don't know if this will make the end of the pregnancy go any faster, but here's hoping!

Until next time,
~ Cammie

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