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Weeks 27/28
~ 10 MORE days!?!?!??!

Hello, hello - sorry I took another mini-vacation from journaling - more out of forgetfulness than with any real intention. If I lose my routine, everything goes you-know-where in a hand basket pretty quickly. But, I have finally put my house back together post-vacation (yes, I know I got home August 3 - I'm not moving real fast these days, OK!) and I have the baby's room all ready for the new arrival. Which brings me to the subject of this entry - a new LATER due date.

Peeking Over ArmOK, all my fellow third trimester pregnant women (and anyone who remembers being 28+ weeks pregnant). Pick yourselves up off the floor, because I know you just fell out of your chairs in shock, which is about what I did at my appointment on Wednesday. A LATER due date! How much later, might you ask? Oh, hold onto your knickers (and the arms of your chair, so you don't fall again) - TEN DAYS LATER. I admit, I almost cried. I am not one to shed tears in public, or I certainly would have broken down in hysterics. Here's the reasoning - apparently, at my 9 week sonogram (which was, oh, that's right 19 WEEKS ago), my due date was estimated to be November 18, 2009. Did anyone mention this to me at the time? No. Have I had two more sonos since then, both in agreement with my EDD based on my LMP. Yes. So, it was a big surprise when my doctor mentioned that he had some concerns about scheduling my c-section based on the due date calculated using my LMP. I explained that I was sure of my LMP, that I was keeping track of things like that, and though it was a bit on the light side, it defintely happened on 2/1. He was still hesitant, and stated that the soonest he would feel comfortable scheduling a section was November 9, 2009. This is AFTER my old due date. Did I mention hysterics yet? Do I sound like the kind of person who likes being pregnant so much I want to have an extra 10 days of confinement? Does he not read my journal?!?!? Apparently not. So, anyway, here I am, sure that I am almost 29 weeks pregnant, with a due date that says I'm really only 27 and a half weeks pregnant. Could someone please send a memo to my butt to shrink back to the size it was 10 days ago - seriously, if we are going to prolong this pregnancy, let's get all the body parts on the same growth schedule, OK?

Foot in FaceI did call my team of professional L&D consultants immediately, and luckily, I was planning on coming to visit my parents this weekend already, so my dad told me he'd schedule another sono and we could just see if my baby's growth was on target or lagging a little. I had it this morning and that little baby in there is looking great, and measuring at almost 30 WEEKS . . . apparently he also has not received the memo about waiting 10 more days. Or, it got lost in my gigantic rear end. Much more likely, really. This baby is very active, and everything looks perfect - nice heart, big brain (his head measures at almost 31 weeks - can I get a big AMEN for my c-section?), stomach, kidneys and all that just where they should be. He would not hold very still for pictures, so they are a little blurry, but I attached a couple so that you can ooooh and ahhhh over the cuteness. Isn't it just a miracle? I have noticed that this baby moves much more than BG ever did - she was wedged in the breech position early on and really only did small kicks and stuff. This baby rocks and rolls all around, and today he was vertex - good baby! Even if I am going to have a c-section, the human body was designed to hold babies in the vertex position MUCH more comfortably than the breech position. I can actually still eat and breathe, which was already getting hard a this point during my first pregnancy.

I am still debating about whether or not to take today's results to my doctor. He knows my dad is also an OB/GYN, and I did get my 12 week sono and NT done at my dad's office, so he has already seen one sono from my dad's sonographer. But, on the other hand, he is being cautious because he wants a healthy baby, not an early one that potentially goes to the NICU for breathing problems from prematurity. And how bad would I feel if I argued for an earlier date and then spent three days touching my baby through the holes in an incubator? I'll just have to let Nature take it's course - BG came four days before her scheduled c-section, so here's hoping this baby wants to come out early, too!!

Until next time (and I promise it will be sooner!)
~ Cammie

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