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Weeks 30 & 31
~ Pregnancy Brain

Well, I was SURE I journaled last week, but - it turns out that was a false memory! Between losing my memory and false ones, the outside world probably thinks I'm losing my mind. Fortunately, I know the truth - it was long gone before I ever got pregnant!! The terrible thing about being so forgetful with a toddler around is that I forget to do stuff for her. The other day I think she wore the same diaper from the time she went to bed to the time she ate lunch the next day! It probably weighed 5 lb! And we've started just buying a snack at whatever store we're in - as in, while shopping, I pick some raisins or fruit puffs, open them for her, and then pay for them as we leave. I guess it's a good thing that the most important thing I've left at home is a midday snack - still haven't walked out without her!

I am very excited that BG has entered the world of "pretend play" and it includes babies. She loves to rock her babies to sleep, and sing lullabies to them, and feed them. She'll even share her special blankets with them, and she pats them gently while saying, "pat, pat, pat." We are going to get her a little baby carrier so that her baby can come with us when the new baby comes, and I'm hoping this will help alleviate some of the pangs of losing her status as only child. I was the same age when my little sister was born, and I cannot remember my life without my sister, so I know she'll adjust, but I still worry about helping her cope with the new arrival. She is definitely used to being #1, and although she shares with her cousin (who is her age) and with friends, at the end of the day it is just us. What will be, will be, though, right?

The new baby is rockin' and a rollin' away still, though with a little less room, which tranlsates to a little less pain for me. Even though I do not love being this huge and pregnant, and I am SO ready to meet this new little one, I made a list of things to appreciate about the baby being in utero vs. out here:

1) He requires no extra hands to carry him into and out of the store, nor does he need his own carseat and all its many straps.

2) All messes are taken care of automatically (I am NOT looking forward to two kids in diapers).

3) While he occasionally wakes me up at night with an especially sharp jab, I don't have to get out bed to put him back to sleep.

4) All feeding is also taken care of automatically.

So, there are some good things about being 30 lbs. heavier than normal, unable to reach my toes for more than 1 second, and pitting edema.

Until next time!
~ Cammie

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