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Week 33
~ Keep on Rollin' Along

The final weeks are approaching, and as those of you who follow this journal know, I am SO ready. Week 33 has brought some increasing discomfort - heartburn is a much more constant companion, the baby often feels like it is going to fall out (especially at the end of a work night), and insomnia is here with a vengeance. I am so thankful that BG is big enough to follow simple commands - "pick up your shoes and hand them to Mommy" or "climb up here" - limiting the number of times I have to bend over in a day.

This baby continues to be much more active than BG ever was at this point. She had nuchal cord, so I think she was on a pretty short leash in there. This baby rolls around so much, sometimes I think he is going from vertex to breech. I don't know if the scar tissue in my lower uterus is also more sensitive, or if having my placenta up higher has exposed more anterior uterine wall to feel all this movement, but this baby takes my breath away with some of his gymnastics. It feels like he is trying to get out! I tell him (or her) all the time - "don't feel like you have to stay in there until the scheduled c-section - it's fine to come a little early as long your lungs are ready!"

I am also having much stronger Braxton-Hicks this time around. I'm not sure if that's common in second pregnancies, or if this is also a side-effect of the location of my placenta, but these contractions are much more than the "tightening" I had with BG. Sometimes I have to breathe through them. . . and since I haven't done labor, I'm not too good at that! But, I'm hoping this is a sign that there's no way I'll have to go two days past my due date to my scheduled c-section. Surely this means my body is getting ready for the birth sooner than that!

With BG's pregnancy I was taking daily baths at this point, trying to take the load off of my tired body. However, having a toddler does not lend itself to leisurely bathing activities. Earlier this week, she joined me in the bubble bath (I use the baby bubble bath if she's awake when I take a bath). Let's just say there was not quite enough room for the THREE of us in there. But, BG thought it was great fun to rub bubbles all over my legs and belly, and her grins and giggles were worth a little less relaxation than I had planned on. She continues to be the highlight of my day, so I can't wait to meet this baby - knowing how much fun we are already having!

'Til next time . . .
~ Cammie

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