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Week 34
~ Hallelujah!

I know this is late, but I was waiting until after I had my appointment this week, because . . . my doctor had agreed to look at my nine week sono again and make sure the measurements weren't off. Remember, this was the sono he used to add 10 days to my due date!!?!?! Well, great - no, make that fantastic - news! I have my old due date back - woo hoo! And, my section is now scheduled for 11/2 at 8 am. Perfect!! I was so happy I could have done cartwheels, but let's be honest, no pregnant woman should ever attempt those kind of gymnastics. At least not one as sedentary as I am!

Also brightening up my week is the cooler fall weather. BG and I have been outside so much, playing at the park, in the sandbox, swinging, you name it, we're having fun doing it and Mommy isn't dying of heatstroke in the process. I am also excited about the cooler weather because I get to break out a whole new round of maternity clothes with long sleeves and corduroys! It's like getting all new clothes. It was nice to have some extra weeks of warm weather like we did, don't get me wrong, but this body needed some lower temps if it was going to keep on keepin' up with a toddler.

On a more somber note, all you fellow pregnant women need to get your flu shot, and make sure you are being extra vigilant about H1N1. My job doesn't make it easy to avoid exposure, so I've been wearing a mask a lot as I care for patients with fevers and coughs. Even the regular seasonal flu is rough on pregnant women, but H1N1 is turning out to be a lot more dangerous - so WASH your HANDS and avoid sick people. My hospital is also instituting very strict visiting policies for the post-partum unit, which means BG will not be coming up to visit her new sibling in the hospital. While this kind of makes me sad (no cute pictures in Mommy's hospital bed with BOTH her kids!), it is definitely worth the wait to protect not only my baby, but all the other new little ones and pregnant moms spending their final weeks in the hospital. I know I take care to keep my child up-to-date on vaccinations and I wouldn't let her run rampant in an L&D unit with snot running down her face, but there are those parents who are not so conscientious of others. So, sibling pictures will have to wait until we get home, and that's OK.

As for this new little baby, he continues to go crazy all the time. My husband frequently makes comments like "that is so weird" when he can see the movement from across the room. I remind him how much weirder it is to be feeling it as well! I am still MUCH more comfortable in terms of room to breathe and sleeping at night since this baby is vertex. I can actually sit at the kitchen table or at work in a normal chair for more than five minutes without feeling like I'm going to pass out. Some (NICE) people have said I look smaller this time, which makes me SO happy!

Until next week!
~ Cammie

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