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Week 35
~ Have Heartburn, Will Sew

Hmm, apparently I jinxed myself with too much talk of how much easier I was having it in terms of raging heartburn this time around . . . and now it isn't much different. I ate nothing of any notable spiciness or indigestibleness or ANYTHING today, but my heartburn is so bad it is bringing a small tear to my eye. Sniffle, sniffle. Also, I am getting over a terrible cold, which I'm sure is not helping the indigestion any. I have coughed so much and with such force, I am surprised I am still pregnant and have not inadvertently shot my newborn out across the room. Gross visual, I know, but pregnancy isn't pretty, at least not on me.

BlanketsAnyway, with all this time on my hands after BG goes to bed, I have accomplished quite a few sewing projects. Sewing is my new favorite hobby. I still love pottery, and one day I'll dust off my wheel, but for now, sewing is easier and faster. So, I whipped up a couple of baby blankets - one for a girl, and one for a boy, since we are still waiting for the surprise at the moment of birth. I also made a matching doll-size blanket for BG out of the same fabric as the girl's blanket, and I plan to make one from the boy's fabric, too. Back pain won out over heartburn before I could get to it tonight, though. Last week I made BG a doll carrier from one of my husband's old (new, never been worn because it was pink seersucker) shirts. And the week before, I made her a cape, complete with shiny silver lining and magical silver stars, trimmed with pink thread. She won't wear it, but it SO cute. So, if you have any mending you need done or a special project you've been meaning to get to, let me know - I can probably have it done for you in a few nights at most. I think of it as practice for caring for a newborn, except, in my limited experience, I sleep MUCH better in between night feedings than I do with a baby kicking away at me from the inside, apparently relocating my stomach up into my throat.

In an effort to get the final vote on what the baby is, I tried and tried to get BG to say either 'boy" or "girl". She won't say either one - like me, she is unwilling to commit to one or the other. I can't wait to meet this baby, and to have my own body back!

'Til next time!
~ Cammie

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