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Week 36
~ Oh, Baby!

Week 36 has brought LOTS of discomfort, both from my body and the baby. Each night, at almost exactly 3 AM, I am awakened with contractions. Then, just as I get those settled down by drinking water, emptying my bladder, and laying on my left side, the baby starts doing the conga. Yikes! I am very ready to be holding a newborn in my arms, but I know that he still needs to grow for a few more weeks.

At my appointment this week, to further highlight my pain, I suppose, my doctor said, "I guess you're pretty uncomfortable, because that baby's head is WAAAAYY down there. You probably can't hold more than a few ounces of urine!" Great! I wish I had asked him to define "WAAAYY" - is that 0 station? Do you think I'll go into labor before my scheduled section? Can I stop working 12 hour shifts at night? All things I should have asked, but didn't. Oh well! At least I can breathe much more easily than I could with BG, who had burrowed her way into my liver, lodging it well into my right lung. And, everyone thinks I look like I'm "all baby" which makes me feel better, even though I know the 30 lbs I've gained can't all be baby . . . unfortunately.

On the fun side, I had a sono this week (the doctor wanted to be sure my baby was still "on-target" for growth for my section on November 2). When the sono tech went to measure the head there was a long, flowing pony tail, which she took a great picture of! This is the same hair style that BG was born with. And really, pony tail is being kind. It actually looks more like a mullet - as my sister likes to say, "business in the front, party in the back." The sono tech said it was the longest hair she's ever seen on a baby in utero, which is kind of funny! It will be so fun to see who this baby looks like - mullet or not. Mo< So, I'm counting down the days to not being pregnant, and also really trying to savor these last few weeks with BG as my only "baby." We went to the museum yesterday and it was so fun. Today was rainy and cold, but we ventured out to the mall to check out some sales and play at the indoor playland. She is so cute, and I just know our next baby will be just as much fun!

Till next time . . .
~ Cammie

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